The Flow of Wants


The Flow of Wants


I want to be your fantasy-

The hidden desire that suffocates at night

under the smooth touch of your fingers.

To be the unspoken name that lingers

between wet lips with wants your tongue

wipes away like a sip of sweet wine.

An arousing sense flowing down your spine

when images of flesh sweaty and tight

fills your daydreams in a sunny afternoon.

I want to be your full moon

with rising tides waiting to drown me

under wild desires flowing in your skin,

I want to be your fantasy and your sin-


October 10, 2019

“I want her to melt into me, like butter on toast. I want to absorb her and walk around for the rest of my days with her encased in my skin.

I want.”

― Sara Gruen


Dreams and Wine


Dreams and Wine


There is no transcendence,

dreams do not migrate south in the winter

but rather drown in a glass of cheap wine.

Sometimes is easier to declare defeat

and this restlessness quietly confine

to the corners of my lonely lips.


A heartbeat, all it’s left from the heat

of those fires that consumed me whole,

and a kiss, all it took to enslave

my free will and my soul.


What I give, what I gave

does not matter if dreams are frozen in time

and don’t migrate south in the winter

but just drown in a glass of cheap wine.


September 24, 2019

“If we sip the wine, we find dreams coming upon us out of the imminent night”

― D. H. Lawrence

This Thirst


This Thirst


A question on the tip of my tongue burns

with anticipation, parting lips exhaling

words I won’t dare ask, it turns

to a kiss, barely brushing my wants

on this barren dessert leaves me waiting

while you smile and quietly part-


September 20, 2019

“Drink in the moon as though you might die of thirst.”

― Sanober Khan





This cavernous space creates an echo

bouncing emotions against bared walls

that resonates in my heart,

loneliness rest on these halls,

where wandering ghosts freely roam

the empty spaces.


August 21, 2019

“I have poured my heart out ….

And now I am empty.”

― Ranata Suzuki





The color of a fiery sunset

after a summer storm,

it reemerges into passion

running through my veins.

It is seduction and pain,

adventure and fire born

from the ashes of deceit,

it is ice and heat

and everything divine

to which I surrender.

Too much red?

Never enough to outline

the shape of my wants

on your lips-


August 21, 2019

“red the colour of the rose

red the colour of your lips

red the colour of your tongue….

red the colour of your heart……

red the colour of your passion…..”

― Marina G. Roussou





That blue,

a shade of sky

in an April morning

digs inside my soul

for forgotten dreams,

it provokes my wants

in seductive plays

stranded between lips

where the red betrays

her concealed desires


August 20, 2019

“I wish to stay drenched


in those rain-blue eyes

in those…soul-reaching crystals

not moving a muscle

nor breathing



this turquoise ache

against my heart.”

― Sanober Khan, Turquoise Silence

A Butterfly


A Butterfly


Attraction is a butterfly

landing softly on your petals

on a sunny summer day,

it is you my piece of sky

calling me to spread my wings

across the blue in your eyes.


August 19, 2019

“You put butterflies back into my soul and painted their wings with passion and poetry.”

― Melody Lee