In Passing

I don’t want you to fade
into what could have been,
my skin knowing your touch so well
a deserted vastness in this empty space.
I don’t want you to forget
a soul feeds from attention
when hungrily seeking redemption
from sins of flesh,
“Mea culpa”
in blindness wanting to stay
how I needed you,
delicately wrapped in lace
under sheets sustaining desires.
I don’t want you to go alone
into the unknowns of time,
when love so little requires
and a flicker of light
will burn bright
into the darkness of tomorrow.
Could you see me as yours?
I wonder how you are inside
your guarded thoughts,
a touch you kindly hide
while in dreams alone
will always see you as mine-

I Wished to Burn

I wished to burn
but hardly touched the surface
the heat evading my melting heart,
her lips awaiting slightly apart
inviting games, I didn’t play.
I wished to burn
for fire I was destined, afraid
I almost touched the surface
to burn ignited by her lust,
but wished to burn
together turned to dust.

If I Meet You at the End

If I meet you at the end, will I cry
if don’t know who you are
but a dream of a life never had.
And I ask how and why
I was left on this road
which diverged and it flowed
like a river in spring
filled with wishes and hope.
If I meet you at the end, will it be
as it was when my life just began
and I moved like the wind
swiftly kissing the rain,
turned from child to a man.
And If I meet you at the end
will I love once again?

You Were Meant to be a Memory

Hands accustomed to flirting playing tricks
across my eyes deceiving my need.
I though loneliness lives in old hearts
but yours at night quietly sang 
high on liquor and weed
as we danced and we danced
to an unspoken tune.
Truth hides between kisses
and hands accustomed to emptiness
holding your waist made of moon
as we dance and we dance
high on liquor and weed
to an unspoken tune,
but you were meant to be a memory.