The Strands We Weave


The Strands We Weave


Weaved strands across fences flowering vividly

beyond these bounds I crudely built-

I need you, kindly ease my guilt

for living poorly and wasting time,

for loving far beyond my fears

and loving you regardless years

of dirt and grime.

I’ll let you go, another winter

will get me close, another spring

will bloom my dreams across constrains

and freely run through my veins

like love now flows a steady stream

of wants and dreams-

Forgive me, for loving you

with no intent to be whatever was

you wanted then, or may want now,

for seeking more than just today

or dreaming high beyond our truth, somehow,

I became blind to what it cost

to let it be, to let me stay-


December 2018

“We are all so much together, but we are all dying of loneliness.”

― Albert Schweitzer


Taunt and Touch


Taunt and Touch


Tempting my will, your smile entices

clandestine connections I crave

And what would you risk for a possibility?

To be lost in an embrace

of life, a game of chance

where nothing is lost if all I gave

and already winning a loving smile-

Tell me, what would you risk in this game

where illicit pleasures dance

around fires we secretly burn?

So, let me make my move

then it will be your turn-


December 2018

“How dreadful…to be caught up in a game and have no idea of the rules.”

― Caroline Stevermer

To Find Home


To Find Home


She told me I feel like home,

my arms to sustain an embrace

and to shelter her pain,

to unravel her wants and her love.

She told me I feel like forever

that I am a safe place

to preserve all her longing and dreams,

that her heart is too frail

and it breaks when impaled

by the passing of life,

but to find home in someone

where the sun sets and rise

with the brightest of days

that, I know what she means-

December 2018

“In the space, the pause between this breath and the one that follows, you have made a home inside me.”

― Tyler Knott Gregson

Behind Walls


Behind Walls


A beautiful mess you are,

scars needing soothing call upon my need

to love the parts so deep inside

where monster in your closet hide

and only I could keep away-

So here my love

lie next to me and let me heal

those wounds that may

confuse this strong allure,

instead of love a need to fix

the crumbling bricks

and then reveal the who you are,

to learn and love what’s deep inside

behind those walls we break apart.


November 2018

Her heart was a secret garden and the walls were very high.”

― William Goldman, The Princess Bride

In the Morning



In the Morning


And I lose myself in this fantasy

of a barely missed kiss, or missed life,

a brief flash on a window now past-

My fingers tight around the shape

of your waist I want to escape

my reality and blend with yours,

waiting for morning to approach fast

the night disappears, like you do

with one more barely missed kiss

or barely missed life-


December 2018

“I Think it is lost…but nothing is ever lost nor can be lost.

The body sluggish, aged, cold, the ember left from earlier fires

shall duly flame again.”

― Walt Whitman

Of Love


Of Love


Of love I know no more or less

but what my heart will speak

between the beats, I guess

it knows much more unless

confused between a touch

when love somehow I seek

but know of love not much.


November 2018

“Tis better to have loved and lost

Than never to have loved at all.”

― Alfred Lord Tennyson, In Memoriam

Where Winter Forgets

Where Winter Forgets


I watched across the table her blue eyes

matching the beautiful skies

in this place where winter forgets

along the sand to kiss the waves.

And I traveled far lands on her tongue

with every word douse in curiosity,

her gestures accentuating my wants

while my eyes followed the flow of hips

wrapped in white corduroy.

Oh, how I could deeply enjoy

being hers for a moment,

to kiss the summer emanating

from her skin letting my hands

surf every inch along her shore,

to ride her waves

until the end of winter-


November 2018

“The thing about lips is that you always want to kiss them.”

― Anthony T. Hincks