Of Friends and Lovers

I wanted more of her,
stories slow to form on days
the sun shines bright above
and waves will dance
to the tunes we play.

I found wet skin
to lure my hands under the waves
and tasted years known
for friends we cared
and loved.

But once unwrapped
desires tend to grow wild
under a touch, a taste
of salt on sunburned lips
will leave a mark.

She still a friend
of moments formed of sand
and waves, forever be
across our skins
of secret lovers.


Lighting Stars

We began-

A look can foresee
the creation of stars,
of where flowers may bloom
or the invisible scars
which remained after all.

All it takes is a word
to define how love grows
from the smallest of sparks
like a bud of a rose.

But how silent became
once we lighted the flame
to consumed
all it was.

And we left-

Time was wrong from the start
but how easy to love
and to hold,
if one night was enough
to light stars.