If I kiss you now

what will you do?

Will you run away

pretty much afraid

that I may wake up

all your hidden wants

and the do’s or cant’s?

Or maybe you will stay

frozen in a kiss

that later somehow

you will dearly miss.


If I kiss you now

will my own desires

translate a kiss

into empty promises

that could never keep?

Or maybe a kiss requires

that somehow I do

and before I kiss you

all my love to pledge

for a taste of you.







The flame is gone

your silent eyes reflect no light,

no passion there,

where ruby lips inspired my dreams

to kiss them now I wouldn’t dare

for now you are done

with living life

and what I loved silently screams

to let you go.

I dream of you

sometimes at night

when feel alone

I see the gold inside your eyes

a ruby smile and tempting lips

will call me there

to swallow lies,

but dream I do, of gentle hips

that holds me steady

when letting go

within my dreams

may not be ready.






I wish I didn’t have a need for love and care

freedom often found in not having such need

and to live solitarily I wish I was prepared.


I wish living alone a skill I could succeed

and not having to look for love in every face

if happiness was found in being alone indeed

I wish I could alone the need for love erase.






A spark of gold so I remember

the curls around your smiling eyes

the constant search, the hidden lies

a promise made so hard to keep

when years were spent in life asleep

my heart remains a burning ember.


And blue reminds me of clear skies

with coldest winter touching your face

my aching arms waiting to embrace

a dream, a want I left behind

when in my search I became blind

to see the yearning in your eyes.






If with each heartbeat you call my name

I with every breath will whisper yours

setting with your sparks my life aflame

with adoring words I’ll do the same.


And if every morning I become your light

I with every sunset will declare it yours

dreaming of your face every single night

having you in dreams to my own delight.