Why must I find you in the land of lost?

My heart attach easily to wandering souls

a magnetic force pulling and pushing

like a marionette my strings all crossed

and I follow, like a fool I follow-

We both know there are no controls

for tossed in the wind wishes

disperse without true direction

while the lies I swallow,

and with every pull I create a verse

to remind me of you.




Loving Parts


Loving Parts


There is a notion of love existence in a whole

the other half, the one forever-

But I never found the whole, only parts

spread around in loving hearts

and every one I found whenever

I searched for love in a kindred soul.


There is no one to have it all and make it mine

a certain look, a dizzying smile

a taste of skin that numbed my senses,

a voice that soothed my mind defenses

to give it all in just a while

every part to make a whole I’ll never find.








Oh how destiny played its hand

if somewhere lost I’ll never find

along with you my lost desires.

If for a moment you became

a foolish dream, a nightly game

a passing by when undefined

attraction held within my eyes

and every look and every want

was slowly fed to build our lies.

But lies exist when lacking more,

and with a need to fly and soar

you left behind a dying flame,

a wish that fate always denies

when lost again in your desires

no longer can my love reclaim.



A Creation


A Creation


In the beginning there were letters and words

and my universe was dark-

Beauty shone in distant stars

too far to reach

so I watched and I wished,

for isn’t that what poets do?

Then there was light creating sparks

radiating from her eyes

brighter than the skies

so I watched and wished

for isn’t that what poets do?

Sound came third in a form of her voice

music invading the silence inside

and I longed to hear with no choice

but to wait and wish,

for isn’t that what poets do?



A day at home, raining and I am finally finishing some of my old poems lingering on my desktop

In Dreams


In Dreams


Inside my world of dreams, you still there

as clear as it was for many years

without anger, love or the wicked fears-

Fears for a life I was not prepared

to endure in silence while I dared

to search for happiness not found

in the promises made of everlasting.

Inside my world of dreams I do not love you

for love was but a ghost and did not live

in our house and did not give

but a few brief moments, only a few

tasting like imitation happiness

while I slowly died a little each day.

Inside my world of dreams I let you go

and I search for what’s mine,

every sunrise new promises made

while you remain alone

lost without place and left behind-



Strange how after five years I still dream about her, five years since I walked away, two years since our divorce. In my dreams I am back to a life we no longer had. If I could dream of the pain, anxiety and depression then it would be a nightmare.

Tender Heart


Tender Heart


Tenderness resided within the walls of your heart

a simple way of loving as precious as fine art

with painted love reflected in looks you kindly spared

and made my heart skip when suddenly unprepared

and without a warning I gazed into those eyes

and lost I found myself above the clouds and skies.

Your love can only live inside such tender place

among the dreams and wants so eagerly embraced

a world seen through your eyes a perfect place to be

such tenderness and love your eyes can only see.



Words and Dreams


Words and Dreams


I write about you with hush words

never meant for my lips to say aloud,

a silent cry for the tenderness

you reserve for lost love and lovers.

I write secretly at night when allowed

to scribble emotions that others

may dismiss as foolish notions-

But I know what lies underneath

the bruises your soul bared,

how pain stained words

make me shudder with fear

of what lies beneath.

And I want a taste if prepared

to endure the torture

of knowing more,

but only if you are near

for lips to sooth the wounds

and trace along the scars

the words I wrote before.