If I think of you once would it make me yours?

What if twice my mind fills with thoughts of you

and becomes a part of my life love schemes,

would it make me a dreamer like so many fools

seeking love in places overgrown with dreams

within verses written for someone you knew?


Would it make you mine if once I use the words

to describe the lacking or my lonely soul?

What if twice I mention what in dreams I knew

that your pillow kisses every night just holds?

Would it make you mine if only for a few

if I mention love when I think of you?


H.O. 10/29/14


Double Pleasure


Double Pleasure


She lies in between two lovers,

four caressing hands

with heat rising to her wants,

a fusion of kisses under the covers.

What a delightful sin to commit

a daring act of pleasure as she submit

to every exquisite desire

fulfilling her fantasy to acquire

two lovers to quench her fire.


H.O. 11/6/12

Sometimes inspiration comes from odd places. I wrote this short verse two years ago after watching a movie and I can’t recall the title now. I know many men (including myself) have fantasies about being with two women but often wonder how many women have fantasies of being with two men. Just wonder… 🙂


A shade of blue and green with my heart to embrace

and my dreams dancing to a tune of your emotions

when one look from you could set my life in motion

and fill my lonely mind with visions of your face

in my search to affirm with a look this crazy notion

your eyes alone maintain the sea and sky in place.


H.O. 10/22/14


Imagination can be a wonderful thing if we allow it to feed the soul…






We could become casual lovers-

Taste our skins every time we dare

and between encounters endure times

when of memories we make rhymes

to fulfill a need when we are not there.


We could become casual lovers-

Satisfying desires in illicit rooms so far

in strange cities where we shall meet

free to hold hands that’ll leave a heat

to carry over for when we are apart.


We could become casual lovers-

Impossibilities careless left behind

when kissing your lips could transform

a day affair into a lifetime storm

and forever imprint your love in my mind.


We could become casual lovers-

Each affair changing into something new

to satisfy the thirst left from each stay

when being lovers for just a day

could transform into a lifetime of you.


H.O. October 21, 2014




There is music in the words parting your lips

professing love unproven to my ears

made of sweetness and promises of years

loving more, while time plays a cruel game

and distance keeps tune with the scripts

composing our story with no name.


Our story, one page version of a distant love

played in the midst of our duality

dreaming while awake in our reality

as we omit words that carry pain,

but you my dear write such words above

as I re-write my scripts in vain.


Oh how I wish for a story with such magic

with no end to the happiness in store

but life always promises more

than able to sustain in precious hands

and when the end to our story may be tragic

we hold on to our wishes and wants.


There is love in your words as you profess

from across a distance and a lifetime

and knowing well you will never be mine

I listen to your words of adoration

dreaming our story could be a success

if not for life, then for a moment of temptation.

H.O. October 2, 2014