Cold Flames


Cold Flames


I embrace the heat slowly escaping

what once was a furnace,

uncontrollable flames burned high

never extinguished into ashes,

then fed a fire now turned to ice.

And what kept awake sometimes at night

seeking flesh to feed desires

burned to memories, I now refrain

from feeding back into the furnace

for fear the ashes may ignite-



“Love. Of course, love. Flames for a year, ashes for thirty.”

― Giuseppe Tomasi di Lampedusa






I was just a child playing with your fire-

Never knew that lips could have tasted like guava

in a summer night sitting by the water

looking at the stars,

and it didn’t matter

if my tongue naïve knew not how to explore

further in your mouth with a taste of guava

which I simply adored,

I was just a child kissing tender lips

in a summer night sitting by the water.






Raw instinctual desires pressing hard

in the early morning hours leaving traces

of a dream,

forgotten acts of pleasure dancing around

in my half asleep mind, unknown faces

in recurring images that seem

to revive my need for a touch

and the hardness of a body warm

under sheets to be found

by eager hands-


Glint of Light


Glint of Light


There is nothing I can hold forever, nothing more

than a moment, hesitating resolve to leave behind

a glint of light that shines right through

and holds me there, because of you

so lost in dreams sometimes myself I find-

Oh how I want you, I did before

but let it go, sometimes seems best

to encase my heart inside my chest

and shut my eyes to keep me blind

to a glint of light that shines right through-


I Kissed her Mouth



I used to kiss her mouth with desperation

in knowing forever does not exist

and flavors dissipate in memories-

I used to kiss her mouth with the elation

found in sweet drugs, a high that persist

in the morning when counting regrets,

and regrets I counted later on in life

when could not kiss her mouth anymore-

I used to kiss her mouth with disregard

leaving prints of me because time forgets

but lips always remember

how kisses felt before-

And I kissed her mouth one more time

in one last goodbye keeping us apart

when kisses tasted lonely and sad

and the only thing left was memories

of how I kissed her mouth long and hard-


“Now a soft kiss – Aye, by that kiss, I vow an endless bliss.”

― John Keats