Tell me something I can hold forever

and I’ll never let go.

I can say that I love you-

Ah but that already knew

such a long time ago!

To forget you I’ll never

I will promise today-

I cannot take a promise

that would bind you forever

if only day by day.

Then what else can I say

that will keep you as mine?

Words alone cannot do-

What will hold me I find

within words not to be

which may turn into lies

and the truth that I see

it reflects in your eyes.








Once is not enough as you were fooled by the lacking found in selfishness and became an object to fulfill his needs. There is so much in the taste of heavens when a second time brings more of what hides in you. If I hold on my need for release and give you time to explore your desires then a mutual experience will bring the ultimate relief to such penned passion. Let me hold you after, close enough to feel the small spasms traveling across your skin. Close your eyes while I keep guard for lost dreams and then again, and again we may begin.


Once not enough as fooled you were

by selfishness found in lack of care

when heavens happens twice around

with tasting skin in love abounded

so let me explore such hidden passion

and delight myself with your reaction

when not just once or maybe twice

but then three times I may entice.







In that moment

your reality shift into my dreams

and I become a part

of all that exist and seems

to be you,

for one instance

I embrace your life

and your smile belongs to me.





You are alone

and yet his arms will hold

like property by right

what I cannot condone

but wish I had at night

and quietly withhold.


And you alone will hide

the craving for a touch

in such moments of despair

when he doesn’t give much

of what I could provide

and I alone can spare.