Look for Love


Look for love


Go and find love”- you told me

like love was never found

when love was all around

free to taste but not to hold.

And I found none like you

some too young or too old

not your smile, not your style

nor the kindness in your eyes,

not your type”– once was told

when deceived by hidden lies.

Didn’t want to go on looking

just a moment, for a while

while remembering that love

lived in you and was around

free to taste but not to hold.

So you said “go and find love”

“but not like me, just like them”

when I looked for love again.




My Place


My Place


Forgetting where I stand I crave

moments we built in our need

for an instance in time to enslave

with my kisses on skin engrave

while the fire inside you’ll feed.


And I’ll promise to kidnap time

to sustain our moments forever

every minute of yours as mine

my fingers with yours entwined

for a life to discover together.


Let’s wait for a moment to come

with no others in life to embrace

as I wish for your love to succumb

when your lover forever become

and your body I claim as my place.



I Will Not Say…


I Will Not Say


I will not say love, even if I might

dreams become confused

sometimes late at night

when the words I used

burned within my lips

and love suddenly slips-


I will not say need, even if I do

fears will take hold

that you’ll walk away

when such need withhold

deep within my heart

and may break me apart-


I will not say wait, even if I want

love is but a choice

in my search for more

than a loving voice,

even when adore

in my heart concede

and you become a need-





Gone, dust to dust-

How death becomes

a final breath

of earth bounded flesh.

And yet inside

your face still lives,

a smile so fresh

like it was now,

turning a week

into a lifetime.

Gone, the subtle taste-

And when you left

leaving behind

a trail of lust

caught in desires

we let out fast

with desperation,

like if we knew

that wouldn’t last

and the lips I kissed

in a final breath

turned into dust-



Morning Kiss


Morning Kiss


Of kisses dreamt through the night

plum red lips enticing my dreams

of heavens, but lost in the fires

of flesh I sin with such desires

enticed by the beauty of a kiss-

A dream I wished to retain

lost in the feel of the red

carving a name on my pillow,

while a taste of plum red lips

dissipates early in the morning

with sunlight kissing me instead-



At Leisure


At Leisure


I would gather all the time in the world

to slowly kiss

every inch, every space

promised for my thirsty lips

to taste at leisure-

I would gather all the heat of the sun

to slowly burn

every inch, every space

promised for my eager fingers

to explore at leisure-

I would gather all the deepest oceans

to slowly wet

every inch, every space

promised for my careless tongue

to lick at leisure-

And I would take you

every inch, every space

with all the time of the world

hotter than the heat of the sun

deeper than the deepest oceans.