Flapping Emotions


Flapping Emotions

(does it make a sound if no one to love?)


If a story starts with hello, does it ends with goodbye?

What to do with the emotions flapping deep

in the chest like the clouds in the sky?

Clouds are close imitating the shapes

of lifelike, same as what’s in my chest

late at night imitating a love now long gone,

flying high when it feels it’s all wrong

for the emotions to keep

flapping fast in my chest

late at night, when reality escapes

drifting fast in my chest like a cloud in the sky-



Buried Skeleton Key



We lived by moments hiding

in between smiles and looks,

your face pale like the moon

your smile brightest at noon

when we buried secrets in the sand.

We loved without haste riding

pleasure late at night when my hand

and lips soothed sunburned skin

under cool sheets,

tasting leftover saltiness

from a bed of grass by the farthest shore

where the waves meet the land.

And by moments we parted

with goodbyes each one less than before

forgetting how love taste

on sunburned skin

on a bed of sand by the farthest shore

 where we buried our moments in the sand-






If blind I was I still could see

your image burnt in places

that haunts me every night,

your face becomes the sight

of dreams my love yet chases

your smile perfectly bright

if blind I was I still could see.


If deaf I was I still could hear

your voice so deep within

a melody that’ll never die

in bed my sweetest lullaby

to take my heart into a spin

a sound no silence could defy

If deaf I was I still could hear


If mute I was I still could say

within my dreams your name

to give it wings and fly so far

the silent sound around a star

flying above a burning flame

your name inside my heart

If mute I was I still could say.


I Never Learned


I Never Learned


I never learned to love

the way you wish I loved you

like flowers kissed by morning dew

to kiss the same I never knew,

like roaring waves caressing sand

I never learned to hold your hand

the way you wish I held you-

And like the sun so hot and bright

to keep you warm through the night

I never learned to do it right

the way you wish I kept you-


I Kissed her Mouth



I used to kiss her mouth with desperation

in knowing forever does not exist

and flavors dissipate in memories-

I used to kiss her mouth with the elation

found in sweet drugs, a high that persist

in the morning when counting regrets,

and regrets I counted later on in life

when could not kiss her mouth anymore-

I used to kiss her mouth with disregard

leaving prints of me because time forgets

but lips always remember

how kisses felt before-

And I kissed her mouth one more time

in one last goodbye keeping us apart

when kisses tasted lonely and sad

and the only thing left was memories

of how I kissed her mouth long and hard-


“Now a soft kiss – Aye, by that kiss, I vow an endless bliss.”

― John Keats





Never again the fire burned

when in desperate act deep inside

I searched for the ultimate pleasure

on sun heated flesh unsatisfied

with casual kisses-

And a path scorched in memories

remains, desires turned

into restless dreams of you-

I’ll cross over to places unknown

in eternity where your skin

calls my name, if now gone

your fire still burns the same.


“A great fire burns within me, but no one stops to warm themselves at it, and passers-by only see a wisp of smoke”

― Vincent Van Gogh

Cold Ashes


Cold Ashes


It is hard to believe that cold ashes

were ever fire, burning hot within,

gone desires restless swam at night

deep in my loins wanting what might

have scorched your skin-

And I was willing to let you consume

every part belonging to you,

every wish I ever knew a slave

to your touch, which too soon

was turned cold and left to ashes-



“Love. Of course, love. Flames for a year, ashes for thirty.”

― Giuseppe Tomasi di Lampedusa, The Leopard