Lost in the brown of your eyes

I could have loved the impossibility you became,

watching the subtle beauty of your inner soul

as I strung desires from the skies

reflected on your dreams, dreams I stole

to set my love aflame-

Even now I wish I could have tasted

your life flavors, but wishes wasted

too late to such a life reclaim.

Now lost in the memory of your brown eyes

I yearn the possibility you became.






Do lips forget the path to follow?

I wonder if the yearn for passion ever pass,

the subtle need for a touch that lasts

an eternity, or so it feels like time

will drag the emotions I dryly swallow,

stealing life alone while I relive

the moment my lips against your skin

did find the path, and I outlive

desires kept within

in moments over time,

if lips forget the path to follow.






You became a ghost appeased by words left

drifting on forgotten pages, defining you

as I created a version within my heart.

And I lost you way back before I knew

your face would become dreams nested

in the sound of your voice late at night,

your words quickly becoming a part

of what love is made of, and I lost you

quietly as your ghostly presence became

embedded in the words written before

morphing into fading pixels just the same

as I fade into a life where I am no more.