Dreams are made of flesh and bones

with dreamy eyes and beautiful hair

in between rhymes of truth or dare

words that hurt like stick and stones.


Dreams are made of candy kisses

of plum like lips enticing desire,

but liar, liar pants (heart) on fire

I wish I may, just words and wishes.






When we are done my love I will save the pieces

every look, every smile and every expression

I will tuck away

for another day.

One day my love when the pain increases

I will slowly unbind

everything I’ll find

where I kept for years my precious possession

of everything I took,

every look,

every smile and every expression.






You see, we create this place

every night, every time

I’m yours and you are mine,

naked indulgence of pleasure

enticing every sense

without measure,

far away from our reality

but absent of pretense

as we are more real

in an instance

of driven sexuality,

a moment where I steal

your body and soul

and across our distance

in each other’s duality

we become whole.







A forbidden fruit in my eyes transforms

a forgotten dream if I’ll dare to taste

and if dare a touch when I know it burns

but so much desire for what I foretaste

an obsessive want in my mind embraced.


I fall in a trance when looking at your face

a heartbeat sustained by a look from you

when the subtle lines in my dreams I trace,

and when I close my eyes even if not true

you become the life that I never knew.






Somebody else found you first

I was in another life and another time

calling someone else mine.

I wonder how fate here plays

with a life full of dreams and thirst

wishing, always wishing that I knew

through years of lonely days,

dreaming, always dreaming I would find

somewhere, someone like you,

but somebody else found you first.







You cannot become my definition of you

the way my life to your wishes mold

and see yourself through my clouded eyes,

moments dictating your dreams in lieu

of a deserving life free of pain and lies

instead of my bed lonely and cold.


You cannot live through my loving smile

and sustain yourself in moments of desire

fed by the color of my skin lacking touch,

when nothing I offer makes it worthwhile

and everything I give will never be much

or enough to satisfy everything required.


You cannot entertain what means forever

while bathing in my words for you thereof

as words alone cannot shelter you from pain

a harsh reality engraved in words of never,

so don’t wish for everlasting care in vain

I cannot become your definition of love.





There is no smile behind that beautiful face

no joy reflected in your eyes

and yet you pull my very soul

to the core leaving not a trace

of who I was,

pressing my chest without air

with every breath I hold

when a moment is comprised

of words drawn in despair.

But why do I so much embrace?

Just because, just because…