And there you go, beaming smiles unaware

on how my heart counting steps

skips a beat, my heart forgets

that nights alone are set to dream

and days are filled with clouds and sun

to keep me awake, but then your hair

will fly around in radiant gold,

and I forget my heart to hold

from flying loose into the air

and foolish me, I come undone

under your spell-






How your sadness gravitates,

sweat drops rolling down my skin like tears

shed from blinded eyes, beauty in fears

across our space find my heart

marking targets with each beat,

and every moment become spurts

 of breathing ink, sustaining heat

emanating from expressions buried deep

inside your mind, which I stole,

for way before I knew your words

I met your soul-



Was there ever?


Was there ever?


Was there ever love carrying me?

Navigating through your life

in self-discovery, waves took me

into distant shores-

What lucidness drives the mind

into connections we make?

Two lives, one life, then we find

a broken cycle, two lives then,

everything we did again.

Pills aligned spelling guilt

for I left,

I was dead being awaked

while you slept-

Was there ever love rebuilt?