Where will you fly to if he sets you free?

Bounded for so long you may not remember

how to spread your wings,

how to soar above searching for a place

where you now belong.

Where will you go? It has been so long

and if you surrender

he will take your wings.



Ditty of Romance and Dreams


Ditty of Romance and Dreams


Love was sprung from the pitch of the night

an affair with the moon in the golden of light

when the sun couldn’t see in a lover’s despair

all the tears from the stars decorating her hair.


Love was painted in blue stolen once from the skies

with a stroke in each cloud to reflect on her eyes

all the wonders of galaxies to create what it took

in a swirl of life colors splashed around with a look.


Love was found in the ocean and the tallest of waves

wetness took from the salt with a taste that enslaves

when one kiss from her lips to the heavens the key

for her love is golden light and the sky and the sea.


As You Pass Me By


As You Pass Me By


I wonder about love and loving as you pass me by,

the eternal flame that motivates a heartbeat

to flutter softly in between lips forming a smile

in cascading desires to be together until my death-

And I wonder about forever while I catch my breath

looking at you and ask how destiny twist and turns

chocking dreams on the eve of life, defiled

by disappointment left over from every defeat.

As you pass me by I wish to dream again,

to carry you deep inside in a heart that burns

at the edge of life with diminished heat

when barely grasping this reality I call life

while you pass me by





I didn’t break apart when you walked away

and just left me there

with my dreams on hand-

Never kept promises written on the sand

for I knew the waves tend to wash away

traces left from love.

And I needed you like I needed air

only for a moment when I wished you mine,

when for you I learned to love rainy days

as much as sunshine.


In the Month of June

California, 1955 by Elliott Erwitt

In the Month of June


In the month of June and a year so far

lost among the bits I recall your face

when another time and another place

broken as you were, broken as you are

in my dreams your lips I can still retrace.


Thought of letting go many times before

foolish notions left lingering around

when I search a life that I never found

and I never had, and was never more

than a brief affair on a quick rebound.


In the month of June alone in the night

with my wishes traced memories undue

keeping me awake until morning dew,

when the warm of summer images incite

I embrace my pillow dreaming it was you-






Pale skin entice dreams in contrasting shade

if only together we have harmony of hearts-

And I hide desires with such kind regards

in your morning smile promises of passion

left hanging in words that my lips evade

when politeness runs in a discreet fashion.


There is no name to call if I dream of you

only morning smiles and the bright hello

that will burn my skin when desires flow-

How I wish that fate with such sweet delight

in a twist would make fantasies come true

and rather than hello I could say goodnight.