What part do I prefer of your luscious body

as it molds itself to my fantasies and desires

of possessing you and become your hobby

with the games we play, if the rules requires

to explore every inch of such beautiful skin

in search of a spot when the game may win.


The molds of your hips always call attention

for my thirsty hands to feel and to grasp

while my lips explore in my slow ascension

to the other places that will make you gasp

and pull hard on my hair as I kiss you there

without letting go while I bite with care.


Maybe just your breast will become a part

of what I seek to savor or prefer among

while exploring further close to your heart

and I feel the beats so close to my tongue

tasting every place, holding with my teeth

and my hands exploring places underneath.


But one spot among all always calls me there

with a taste of honey that caress my senses

and it drives you insane as the heat will flare

legs across my back dropping all pretenses

when you pull me closer with your body embrace

and among your beauty this becomes my place.

H.O. July 22, 2014





I can’t remember, too many winters passed leaving cold behind

desperately seeking the warm wrapped in caring hands

with promises of remembering in time

what was like, when no one understands

that leaving pieces behind as we depart

causes us to forget about the heart.


Glimpses sneak through a window at night

when in between dreams I forget I can’t remember

until waking up with tears caused by fright

makes me wonder, something about September

and a fading smile with promises I can’t remember.

H.O. July 11, 2014




Will you take me with you when you go

interweaved in your thoughts without knowing

a déjà vu feeling of something undefined,

a sense of loss for what was left behind

in your search for whatever keeps you going,

as I hide in your mind when you go.


Will you let me reside in your heart

fused in between heartbeats of happiness

flowing through your veins tasting life

while I give you the strength for your stride

with unknown force removing sadness

in those moments when things break apart.


Will you take me in the words that may flow

caressing your lips as they escape from your mind

in the verses regressing to me,

will you take me and just let me be

a memory that somehow you can’t find

when you take me with you when you go.

H.O. July 1, 2014