So quick, thoughts of you became a daily thing

morning waking up with your face vividly burned

in the iris of my eyes, brighter than sunlight

filtering through the blinds in mid spring.

And I took you with me in the summer

your face riding the waves as I yearned

to taste more than the salty water.

Dreams of you became a daily sunset

your ghost shifting in winds of mid-summer

waiting for your love to bear fruit.

But autumn wishes dropped dry and brittle

carried by times helping me forget

reasons why holding on to such pursuit

when was faced with my reality.

Now winter approaches with frozen dreams

left out in the cold, wrapped in a blanket of regrets

I dwell for a love in my heart deeply whittled

during the passing seasons of my life.





emo in the dark2- loveless



Oh how blinded I become by artificial light

a sudden flash of beauty submerged in secrets

drowning in the words you write,

hooked in your flirtatious ways

I trace your expressions with thirsty eyes,

never enough of you I am consumed

with the passing days

and in those moments it seems

the ink shape all the lies

I consume with ravishing desire,

for I seek to burn within the fire

of your words feeding my dreams.



“Let’s go to war to make peace. Let’s be cold to create heat. I hope in darkness we can see and you’re not blinded by the light from me.” La Roux quotes





Could I live a life of illicit love?

Fleeting moments in between days

with excitement clouding the guilt

kisses at lunch time may cause.

Every day finding ways

for your skin to claim as mine

in a rush, without time,

saving years of being a lover

into a lifetime of borrowed love.

Could I live such life forever?

Without sunsets or sunrises

my bed empty every night

for his bed becomes the lie

you keep in locks.

We won’t dream of times together

only lovers if whenever

you may show to make me yours

while I sadly watch the clocks,

only lovers for brief moments

I can love you and call you mine,

but only in moments

I become your furtive love.



Find Yourself


Find Yourself


When you find yourself

I will be lost-

Broken feeds your need to stay

if maybe I give a light you lack

but if you search and find yourself

you won’t be back.

And I will say you dance so well

in tune with life’s seductive sway,

so go and find the voice within,

go find yourself

and don’t look back.



A Song


A Song


I wonder if

your life in line with mine

shall meet among the words

to pass in subtle time.

Such words became a breath

sustaining brittle dreams

and when your voice is gone

I need to close the seams

left open in my heart.

Your voice became a song

I listened late at night

and even if apart

I wonder if you might

still sing your loving words.







What is this need we search so much?

It is about a touch-

The word alone will cause a crave

when skin to skin desires enslave

and how it feeds my want for more.

It is about a look-

The way her eyes would reach my core

to search for dreams I hold within,

my world would turn in a fast spin

when just one look it’s all it took.

It is about a voice-

When mesmerized in sounds rejoice

her words would sooth my lonely soul

to make me pause and lose control.

It is about a kiss-

In ruby red such tempting bliss

to make me dream for years to come

when in her lips I would succumb,

a kiss, a look, a sound, a touch,

it is my need to search so much-



Broken Pieces


Broken Pieces


With every goodbye another piece breaks-

Patched shell cracked and left in disrepair

looking for substance twisted in our reality

as I walk away from this long lost affair.

What’s left once we turn away?

Memories are not enough to feed the crave

so we learn to ignore the sullen call,

we learn to burn inside and find a way

to sooth the self-inflicted wounds.

Strange waking up to an empty bed,

stranger knowing it was empty all along

occupied by fantasies and ideas of you.

Now looking back I realized it was a dream

a foolish dream which in my loneliness fed

my need for love, but then I already knew

another goodbye and another piece breaks.