How I Miss


How I miss


Oh how I miss giving you stars

the ones I gather every night

for you to wish upon once more,

and how began all by the shore

when you were gone

and all alone

I wished for you to know my face

and how my heart

your words ignite

the flames I quietly embrace.

I miss the tracing of the ink

on wings I sent flying your way

and now in silence all I think

is how I miss the words you say-


“where was I? in remarking that me is the envelopes and not nearly so much so, the often foolish letters inside.”

― Edward Gorey


Way to a heart


Way to a heart


If I love you in the distance,

will my muse find a way to your heart?

Stealing dreams that you guard

somewhere kept in the sea of your eyes

or the curve of your lips-

Do I kiss you to gather your words

dripping slowly in my mouth?

They part flavors of longing

and passion with hints of the unknown-

Will I find you in my bed when my hands

search the shape of your waist?

Confused dreams by my wants

late at night when your image embraced-

If I love you from far,

will my muse find a way to your heart?


“What I want is for you to touch me in ways that hands and teeth and skin cannot.”

― J. Andrew Schrecker





I’m stranded in your words

willfully suffocating ‘tween the softness

for I hold my breath with every rhyme

and feel my pulse race to the finish and climb

every nerve along my body.

May I call you mine?

Only in dreams will I ever find you,

your shape unique among the shadows

that plague my restlessness.

I beg you, let me follow

the traces of love left behind

by your heart sad and broken,

let me patch every crack with my words

when the verses are spoken

in the sound of the waves by the sea-

And I promise eternity

only in words may again live forever

in your hands if you knew

all the beauty I sustain deep within.

Let me laid by the warm of your hearth

I will silently watch you

catching dreams dropped neglected

by your hands smudged with ink.

Let me stay by your side for a moment

and I promise eternity

in the waves roaring loud in my oceans

amidst winds blowing hard to the south

 across skies painted blue


“In this story

I am the poet

You’re the poetry.”

― Arzum Uzun





I’m afraid to say love

but leave verses around like footprints

tiptoe steps late at night

searching far in my dreams for someone

at the end of this dance to reignite

what is left of my flame.

And then maybe this word I disclaim

will strangely part

from my tongue like a promise

and forever to hold without fears-

Maybe words are tattooed on the heart

in those moments we give

and they take what we have but the tears

leaving ashes behind.

But we learn to forgive

as we learn certain things to confine

to the verses you find

like footprints

tiptoe steps late at night-


“My ugly one, I love you for your waist of gold,

my beauty, I love you because of a wrinkle on your forehead,

love, I love you because you are clear and dark.”

― Pablo Neruda, 100 Love Sonnets





Your magnetic field encompass me whole

my wandering planets orbiting your sun

all across our distance when you are to call

I’ll answer “of course” lost in the trivialities

of an everyday meager conversations.

And if you must know underneath my tongue

hide the other words I would love to say

when your look entices fantasies to play

captured by the gravity of your constellations

I would love to speak of what hides inside

all the dreams I harvest but I would denied

if you ask again I’ll answer “whatever”

while dying inside to tell you “forever”


“One rarely falls in love without being as much attracted to what is interestingly wrong with someone as what is objectively healthy.”

― Alain de Botton


lost love

I didn’t get to love you as I desired,

dreams of being together dissipating

in a silent goodbye that left me tired

and wondering why you walked away.

I spent many nights anticipating

with fear of somehow your love betray,

but reality played with us in such a way

that nothing became true in our lives

leaving us betrayed by life itself.

Now only a memory of you survives

when regrets cause me to lose myself

dwelling in self-pity and uninspired,

 since didn’t get to love you as I desired.


H.O. September 20, 2013

Love and Desire

I’ll meet you between love and desire-

In between desperate kisses and forbidden acts

of fulfilling every wish, as I take us higher

into a heavenly spiral of emotions.

I’ll meet you in the small of your back

where lips find a reason for devotion,

or in between your thighs

where my hands cause an explosion

of uncontrollable spasms on your skin

and provokes a reaction in your eyes.

I’ll meet you in between the sin

we committed time after time,

In between the softness of your breasts

that my tongue reclaimed as mine

as I did with all the rest.

And when all is finished and all acquired

I’ll meet you between love and desire.


H.O. Oct 16, 2012