I will learn to love all the rainy days

if you let me stay,

if you let my arms wrap around your waist

and simply hold you there,

I will learn to love from your lips the taste

and from your lungs the air

that sustain your heart,

If I cannot dare

stay one beat apart,

I will learn to love you every single day

if you let me stay.


H.O. 11/21/14






I found my way to your heart,

with young eagerness I explored

all the virgin flavors I tasted

making you mine from the start,

mine your lips that much adored

and kisses full of passion wasted

in the innocence of youth.

But mine you were and that I knew

when I held your face so tender

and you saw within my eyes

a desire to just surrender

to the calling of your thighs,

mine your body with no resistance

to the weakness of an instance

that marked my way to your heart.


H.O. 11/19/14





In the midst of your ravenous desire

your lips on my body left a design

of kisses and small bites which defined

the permanent map left on my skin,

drawn with wishes burned in fire

the path you took remains therein

left forever in my mind to embrace

when alone at night I can retrace

the other map you imprinted within.


H.O. 11/17/14






I well know the truth when I call you mine

within weaken hopes hiding in the distance

you become a dream among dreams I find

scattered in small pieces in my lonely mind

feeding all the lies that form in an instance.


But we hide the truth within words we write

created in such moments to satisfy a need

for a touch that lacks when alone at night

I will call you mine and with words incite

all the loving lies that we both conceive.


I well know the truth but to stop not dare

for I need you now as you need me too

and will feed your love even when not fair

if to call you mine it may hold you there

waiting on a life that we know it’s not true.


H.O. 11/17/14





Latin blood reflected in the thickness of your thighs

jet black hair contrasting with canela skin

begging to be caressed under naked skies

with a taste of salt driven by the waves,

while my heart beats strongly within

keeping with your rhythm as your body enslaves

my desires with the cadence of your hips

and I dream of heavens held between your lips.


H.O. 11/13/14





If I dance with my fingers

across your beautiful belly

and entertain my desires

in the passion that lingers,

could I kiss the secret place

outlined by silk and lace?

Oh, how I wish to explore

with my lips quench the fires

that consumes like before,

if unknown to your skin

let me go with my fingers

where I have never been.


H.O. 11/10/14