You make me wish time had no meaning

counting life by the passing of days

and won’t dare, reality weights heavy on me

and your smile only offers a hint, dazed

by your dreams of forever

while mine stuck in a time that will never

satisfy such desire to become

wild and young,

within dreams that you carefully weave.



julia merrell



Sometimes, craving someone sticks hard

to nerve endings on my skin, lonely heart

missing beats meant for love, now long gone

and left forgotten in fading names

within ashes left from flames

that once burned, then I am done

with regressing to the places

where her kisses left the traces

of such flavors on my lips, slowly fading

but pervading

late at night in between sheets lone and cold,

someone there in my memories to hold.



smile quotes (23)



There is nothing about you I know

but a sweet smile sometimes escapes

your thinning lips when we are alone,

in lonely eyes it shines and glow

and quench my thirst,

but never more than thoughts immersed

in wishes gone,

for I know nothing but a smile

that escaped your lips and found a home.






Why, to feel across such vastness

your pain and grief, I learn to love

the waking hours of your soul

so lost and lone in darkness.


A peek into the abyss will hold

forever mine whatever is

that keeps your bones together

while flesh like mine turns old.


And when I look into your eyes

what keeps your nights awake

will feed your dreams alone,

for I alone will feed the lies.


Thousand Kisses


Thousand Kisses


There are a thousand kisses imprinted on my face

and another thousand on my lips outlined

with the inks of time,

a thousand I remember and in dreams retrace

every single night

when I wish I might,

not a thousand kisses as I had before,

but I wish one more-