Will I ever forget your name?

It resonates inside hidden

among others left the same

with a hint of hope or shame

but to speak aloud forbidden.


It swirls around at night

when almost I say it aloud

in that moment when I might

forget that is no longer right

if only in my dreams allowed.


But to forget a name so sweet

is to forget the taste of life

a search to become complete

with a name like a heartbeat

to remind me I’m still alive.

H.O. 3/26/15





Your name bittersweet

underneath my tongue

letters tied together

in my mind engraved

in what it seems forever

since I said it loud,

for I’m not allowed

to say it again

and evoke a crave,

so I bite my lips

and refuse to dwell

if your name I spell

when at night it slips.

H.O. 3/11/15




Once awaken my thirst for you grows more

unbearable my craving for sex becomes

for a salty taste of skin I adore

between ridges that forms

when you bend with pleasure.

I crave all the places I explore at leisure

seeking with my tongue

to arouse you even more

that I did before

and when I bite your nipples

it creates such ripples

all across your skin

traveling to places

I will slowly explore

following the traces

to where I begin.

H.O. 3/3/15