Looking west brings your face across oceans

our dreams carried in currents of emotions

circling the world, we so secretly created-

A settling sun conjuring an uncertain future

of smoky possibilities by reality separated.

Looking north brings the warm of winter

for coldness has no place even in the snow

when broken hearts are mend and sutured

with the thread of hope for another life.

Looking south brings a yearning for more

found in passive sails that time will blow

towards unknown shores I’m destined for-

Staying here I contemplate the paying price

set in loneliness in a time with no direction

while love succumbs to a life of nevermore-








What would it take to fulfill a wish?

You are my shooting star to wish upon

far, so far the brightest light

to come across my yearning heart-

Such a delusion to think you might

across our universe so far

fulfill my dreams in life forgone,

but how I hold your light so close

and wish upon-







The web I weaved inside my mind

cannot sustain me when I fall,

the clouds beneath my aching feet

are thinly broke and getting small.


But such delight is warm and sweet

if tasting dreams sometimes I find

and in such dreams I lose myself

regardless when I’ll lose my mind.


And didn’t you reclaim yourself

in prose you wrote and left behind?

Together then shall fall and meet

among the clouds we both defined-



Find Me


Find me


Where would you find me if you went looking?

Hidden I am from public eyes

no one to see behind my skin-

But you my dear could find me high

above the clouds cruising the skies,

or maybe down among the flowers

the ones that grow inside your gardens

and tender hands caress with love-

Or maybe once kissed by the waves

you’ll find me hiding among shells

where in the sand my beauty hardens

in those that broke and nobody wants-

If looking farther among the stars

I’ll be the one with dying light

the one that shines in blueish gleams

with one more wish to sooth your scars-

Nowhere to find me, nowhere in sight

but you my love will find me there

on top of mountains and in the streams

for everywhere your eyes will see me,

if you just look with loving care

you’ll find me hiding in your dreams-




Online dating



Too many if’s, too many but’s, too little time,

not tall enough, not young enough so never mind

let’s just be friends and once a while

I’ll give you smiles; you buy me lunch-

Friends I had plenty, lovers a few

but never lasting, I already knew,

not tall enough, not young enough

he looks much better; I’ll see you later.







I’m in love with love-

Beautiful lives in my heart with just a face

leaving footprints made out of words,

it is a wish without a place

that feeds my soul-

No arms to embrace and call me love

it is a rhyme I quietly stole

and read at night between my sheets

to dream of her,

a goodnight story to tuck me in

and keep me safe.

In love with love-

It’s just a face engraved within

that feeds romance and keeps me alive,

no lips to kiss, no skin to touch

it is just love-







Oh the cruelty of life to meet you now

among the ashes left from fires

of dreams burning through my years-

I called for you, didn’t you hear?

My voice disguised in sounds of wind

the moon reflecting my desires

and every morning the birds would sing

my call for you, didn’t you hear?

And in the sea your skin I touched

and roared your name

with every wave, didn’t you hear?

And now too late to start again

you showed yourself

and called my name,

when in the middle of my search

I didn’t hear-