If I turn away and leave you

what would you remember?

I am nothing more than a face

and nothing more you’ll embrace

or nothing else to call mine,

not a fire but just ember.

I’m only a sprouting bulb

and not a flower,

a cocoon of a butterfly

without wings that’ll never fly,

I am nothing to remember.


H.O. 8/30/14






Hands pressing lightly over muscles hard and tight

signals flooding nerve endings with each touch

as I see you watching, flushed cheeks gives away

your desires to be the one touching in such way

while in the midst of self-indulgence I crave much

of what you are willing to do and I deliberately incite.


Your dizzying eyes cast a spell on stimulated senses

feeling blood wildly rushing through my veins

as I contain a desperate search for satisfaction

while holding a palpitation becoming a reaction

to your words as I stroke without restrains

and the urge to let go of my flood commences.


Oh how I wish you were the one holding with ease

and the warm of your mouth caressing my stiffness

as thoughts of you invade every part of my mind

with every existing  pleasure cell  calling you mine

when faster and faster my hand become a witness

to the passion inside which I desperately release.

H.O. August 8, 2014




Our paths diverge in the distance

hand on hand we walk the same

just for a while or for an instance

we share a life and burn a flame

hopes and dreams not yet defined

not here to stay but now entwined.


Our paths diverge but dare to dream

of holding on to what may come

to what may light my mind agleam

and set me free or take me from

a certain death, when walk away

as paths diverge and love can’t stay.

 HO. August 6, 2014





There is warm in your touch, the caressing of your fingers

a warm I seek when you are not around but your presence lingers

in between my sheets, in between my memories of such sweet affair

when your body gives me the relief I want as you become my air

and the blood that rushes through my heated skin.

There is warm in the kisses that make my head spin

during each encounter as I watch you above riding me with pleasure

penetrating eyes watching my reaction when  you move at leisure

and your breast become tantalizing toys for my mouth to play

while my passion grows, you become a want that I blindly obey

losing all my will to the love you give and so desperately acquire

you become my warm in the coldest night with such burning fire.

  1. H.O. July 29, 2014