Without you I become a shadow

lacking substance or definition,

a wanderer in a strange land,

a hero without a mission.

Without you life becomes shallow

with no purpose to understand

the lacking of any ambition.


With you I regained my shape

desires floated in plain view

and blood rushed full of life

with every day feeling like new.

With you I was able to escape

the torments of everyday strife,

feeling safe, but only with you.



Wings (reblogged)

This is one I wrote a year ago and posted under “fromcoldtofire” blog but wanted to move here.



I’ll let you go when the time comes,

I’ll let you fly-

You were not meant to be for me,

I’ll let you go when all becomes

and walking slow you learn to be,

and it’s alright.

I’ll say goodbye and walk away-

I’ll say goodbye,

and when alone you find your way

I’ll walk away and let you fly.





My lack of love does not mean there is no want,

does not mean there is no need for your care.

It is only an absence of something undefined

something I may have lost somewhere.

It is not a lack of desire or that I can’t

but more of whatever I’m unable to find

and holds me back from giving myself.

My lack of love does not make me unkind

as thoughts of you remain weaved inside

but it is the unknown that does not coincide

with the expressions of love I once felt.

My lack of love does not mean I didn’t try

to hold your heart as once tenderly  held.