Holding on


Holding on


I’ll hold on to you as if you were life

a breath of air in my lungs

a rhythm of heartbeats to stay alive.

I’ll hold on to you like a second skin

covered by kisses and sweat

warm like the summer rain.

I’ll hold on to you as If I was blind

and you were my way in the dark

or like if you were water

drowning myself in your eyes .

And if you turned to fire I’ll hold on

burning myself until the last spark

dwindles and dies.


“In reality nobody can grasp anything permanently in life. Absolutely nothing. Something may stay in memory for a while but eventually that too fades away.”
Aditya Ajmera


Late Harvest


Late Harvest


My love ripened too late in season to harvest

pendent on the bared branches,

easy picking but forgotten ‘til winter.

Alone it stays in the orchard farthest

waiting for the frozen splinter

to gash it’s heart and bleed desires

into the coldness of the ground.

And cold will fade into dreams

of lips tasting it’s sweetness now bound

to rot alone too late for harvest.


“Footfalls echo in the memory, down the passage we did not take, towards the door we never opened, into the rose garden.”
― T.S. Eliot





Your hair was infused with sunlight

your eyes drawn with blue from the skies

your heart tenderly forged in the flames

of the hottest fire around

and later doused with honey for it was found

that sweetness and heat mix well,

fiercely created with a powerful spell

your lips were carved on carnelian

to make men fall and claim

that anyone who to kiss them dare

with one taste will go insane.


“As if you were on fire from within.
The moon lives in the lining of your skin.”
Pablo Neruda

Faraway Kiss


Faraway Kiss


My thoughts fly around your image

searching for a place to lay my dreams

and hatch desires,

your hair carelessly cascading streams

of sunlight while palpitating hands

yearn the softness of a touch.

And I weave my passion into strands

of words breathing fire

to deeply burn into a bliss

of emotions,

for every sound escaping your lips

becomes a faraway kiss.


Farther than Stars


Farther than Stars


I could have love you-

If forever a light reaching far from the stars

far away,

I could have found a way

reaching far in your heart.

I could have stay-

But sometimes love turns blind

if we stare for too long

and with spots in the eyes

we depart.

I could have found you-

But most times what we find

leaves a taste in reprise

of your kisses now gone

and in memories bright if I reach for the light

you are farther than stars.


“I remember touching her hand for the first time. I remember kissing her angelic soft lips for the first time . Everything seemed so easy , everything seemed possible . She smiled at me and flew away”
Amine Fatmi

Si Pudiera (If I could)


Si Pudiera


Si por ti pudiera descorchar el cielo

y derramar azul de tus ojos un reflejo

para embriagarme lento

perdido en tu mirada-

Si por ti pudiera desgarrar las nubes

en un lago de besos ahogarme en tu boca,

y si acaso pudiera recortar estrellas

iluminar los sueños que tu amor evoca

y lo haría todo, si por ti pudiera.



If I could


If for you I could open up the skies

I would pour the blue to reflect your eyes

slowly intoxicated behind every look

only if I could-

I would tear apart every passing cloud

 and in my delusion

in a lake of kisses drown inside your mouth .

If for you I could trim the shiniest stars

to light up your dreams

for if love beseems

I would do it all only if I could.






I keep no trace of your pain

wounds can’t heal on ragged skin

or flesh denied of a touch

in blinding obsession tight shut.

Love most times runs downstream

becoming someone else’s dream

and pain remains deep inside

while I tender my own grief.

Knots were long ago untied

and may seem somewhat insane

that to live we must first die,

so I ask you to forgive

I keep not trace of your pain.