1920s 1930s 1940s Woman's Hand Writing Note With Steel Tip Ink Pen

Image by © H. Armstrong Roberts



You touch me with words where your fingers never

between verses your love I would take as mine

in a moment of dreams when you words define

the meaning of love as your eyes would see

when such words belong to another however

in a night of dreams that someone is me.


And in every breath that your words expel

I can taste a little of that love you give

and to that someone I’ll ask to forgive

when in bed tonight all your words I’ll take

and between my sheets under magic spell

while I read your words I will dream awake.








I will keep your name quietly, quietly

hidden underneath of my secret smiles,

tucked between folds of concealed places

next to other names and the loving faces

dictating the words that will often inspires.


I will say you name quietly, quietly

whispering the sound in a secret spell

to awaken dreams and asleep desires

that will slowly fade for I cannot tell

if your name alone will relight my fires.


I will write your name quietly, quietly

tracing every line with such loving care

and with every stroke of my pen I write

I will ask myself if this wished affaire

I can only keep in my dreams at night.






I saw her again, a flash of sunlight

briefly illuminating rooms left in the dark,

cobwebs setting home in dusty places

marking time with emptiness, but her spark,

her spark reaches far and bright

where sunspots form leaving traces

of dreams tightly squeezed late at night.


Near Miss



Near Miss


Funny how sometimes a moment missed

plants a seed for regrets to bloom

and regret I do already, too soon

to find a home for my gone desires,

too soon for more than once be kissed

and more than once light up fires

left to burn, ashes turned cold-

Already gone I watch your life begin

with no trace of me left on your skin

and no memories of you to hold-





I loved inside my head much more

outside my dreams, I loved far less-

Perfection in every heart I tore

and tossed to freedom, never found

a way to keep what lost and bound

to fears, but loved so quick before

outside my dreams far less-



goodbye quotes




Falling was easy if your arms would catch me,

staying was harder when your arms were his,

then so far away all your dreams could see

drowning every evening in the rising waves

of remaining wishes, if my heart still craves

every part we played in between far kisses.


We won’t build castles on the shifting sand

or places where dreams become dry and whittle

but to live such moments no one understand

when every single night lost inside your eyes

I would call you mine in between goodbyes

and with each goodbye, I would die a little.







There are names that stained the skin

every letter forming ridges on my lips

If I dared, every one became my sin

when every night I saw the shape

and dance along,

for every name became a song-