Passionate outbursts entices you

to seek relief when I’m not there

the way you touch,

I wish I knew

the special places

to be prepared,

but not too much

so I’ll explore  between the laces

and find the spaces

reserve for kisses,

where I’ll compare

the sweetest spot.

If you my love so much desire

I can be taught

to go beyond what I would dare

and burn myself within your fire.







Hiding quietly in your mind

though the window of your eyes

I catch a glimpse of falling stars

with all the wishes for the lives

you came across in search to find

the ones to fill your empty heart.


And slept with you at night alone

when time unkindly passed you by

with memories dispersed around,

I held your hand in each goodbye

and stayed with you until early dawn

to scare the shadows that I found.


Your spoken words to love I learned

and taste the sweetness of your voice

while hiding deep among the traces,

I found the things that gives you joy

when shreds of hope slowly returned

and loved to find my hiding places.






In the midst of a smile you pause

lips lost in a loving motion

for my heart to skip the cause

of such moment I’m forgetting

not to entertain the notion

which I’m guilty of abetting.


And I let the smile that forms

all my heartbeats to sustain

dreams that I may transform

hoping that maybe one day

you may lovingly entertain

in my arms forever stay.






Tossing and turning your face becomes

substance in the sticky darkness

full of memories and fright

as dreams infused sleep overcomes

my attempts to keep awake,

and in sleep your image I forsake

until another day brings brightness

in left behind dreams when I wake

to your image in the morning light.