I carry a piece of everyone

of every soul and every lover

that crossed my way,

a taste of pain from someone

and a sweet smile from another.


I carry looks given away

in moments of lost time

that my heart never forgot,

a touch of burning skin that one day

became encrusted with mine.


I carry sins of a passion caught

in the midst of my search for more

while I wait to see if I find

the love I had long before,

and when memories are all I got

I carry them in my heart entwined.

H.O. 6/25/14



someone else


A borrowed love not mine to keep

with such delight for now to hold

it wasn’t used and just grew cold

and in my heart is warm and deep.


A loving look from someone stole

was meant to feed another’s eyes

but blindness set in between lies

until I grabbed and kept it whole.


A gentle touch that felt like mine

I held so close between my skin

not knowing then committed sin

but not to touch was just a crime.


A life with you is not what seems

while life with him a truth untold

your love, a look so close behold

when all we have is our dreams.

H.O. June 16, 2014




If kisses were free I would take a bunch to satisfy my need

for the touch of skin and the shape of hips

tight against my body,

because there is nobody

to quench my thirst for the taste of lips

while I dream of you and so far away

when in dreams I may

take you in my arms and satisfy my need.