Never again the fire burned

when in desperate act deep inside

I searched for the ultimate pleasure

on sun heated flesh unsatisfied

with casual kisses-

And a path scorched in memories

remains, desires turned

into restless dreams of you-

I’ll cross over to places unknown

in eternity where your skin

calls my name, if now gone

your fire still burns the same.


“A great fire burns within me, but no one stops to warm themselves at it, and passers-by only see a wisp of smoke”

― Vincent Van Gogh


We Danced



We Danced


I dreamt of dancing, and how we danced!

In tender arms the swing of hearts so much in tune

we softly moved, the floor was vast, the music soft

while holding on we danced and danced

‘til morning dew.

I dreamt of you,

of that first kiss that stole my heart

and filled my dreams

when late one night under full moon

we danced and dance, and how we danced!


Before I Met You


Before I Met You


I dreamt of you before I met you

of pale white skin and thick full thighs

I dreamt of blue trapped in your eyes

and lost control around the curve

your lips would draw into a smile

the subtle laugh I much admired

that make me wish I could preserve

my dreams of you before I met you.




“Hold fast to dreams,

For if dreams die

Life is a broken-winged bird,

That cannot fly.”

― Langston Hughes

Cold Ashes


Cold Ashes


It is hard to believe that cold ashes

were ever fire, burning hot within,

gone desires restless swam at night

deep in my loins wanting what might

have scorched your skin-

And I was willing to let you consume

every part belonging to you,

every wish I ever knew a slave

to your touch, which too soon

was turned cold and left to ashes-



“Love. Of course, love. Flames for a year, ashes for thirty.”

― Giuseppe Tomasi di Lampedusa, The Leopard

I’ll Find a Way


I’ll Find a Way


And then someone will come along and learn to love

the broken you and shine his light between the cracks

of shattered dreams to find your soul, someone to hold

you in loving arms until the day when you turn old

and find that life no longer lacks

and wounds did heal under his care.

Someone will do, I rightly swear

that if I could just be the one to steal you away

from all the pain, to glue the parts

from broken hearts,

I’ll find a way-


“But hurry, let’s entwine ourselves as one, our mouth broken, our soul bitten by love, so time discovers us safely destroyed.”

― Federico García Lorca


red lips isolated in white



How that red will catch my eyes and torture dreams

sprouting schemes

within my wants and my desires

in tempting smiles

which paint illusions in red.

And red the color of my flame

underneath an aching pain

of dreams forgone,

but in a smile your lips prolong

a yearning look I entertain

while blindly lost in coral red.


“what red lips you have,” he said in her ear. Did she dare say it? “All the better to kiss you with, my dear,” she replied. And then their lips met.”

― Annette Curtis Klause, Blood and Chocolate