With a stroke of my pen I create thee

casting your image as I alone can see,

Ink outlining the softness of your face

in a perfect sight of beauty and grace,

Letters carved out of flawless dreams

describing with rich detail the gleams

emanating from the stars in your eyes,

with a stroke of my pen I give you life.



Somewhere in Time


Somewhere in Time


Somewhere in time I was meant to have you

to paint myself on the contour of your body

in shades of light and darkness,

between ecstasy of life and the sadness

decorating your eyes.

Somewhere in time I was meant to love you

to encrust myself deep in your bones

fusing my desires underneath your skin

lost in body and soul or someplace between

the oceans of your mouth and the skies.

Somewhere in time I was mean to find you

to stumble graciously into your dreams

planting smiles in early spring

harvesting kisses in fall making you mine

for long before I already knew

I was meant to have you somewhere in time.


Lost Love


Lost Love


To lost love found, and lost again

in pursuit of happiness-

You passed so swift, a moment when

I found you well behind a smile,

and if forever meant only a while

I lost you then-

I never planned for passing life

when seeking you I lost myself

between soft arms and tender breasts,

I swear my intent to make her mine

so drunk in love and cheap red wine

that life went on when lost you again.

And then across well-traveled lands

in golden hair entangled dreams

I found you bared,

and loved them more I must attests

in nights that flowed between my wants.

And now alone I’ll do my best to kindly spare

my simple rhyme,

for lost love found, then lost again time after time.






I hold on to you for the sake of life

a candle in the dark

that shines warm and bright.

And I veer desires for you

afraid of losing what I never had,

a lacking of wishes distant star

I cannot see in a galaxy far

but I know it’s there.

Where do I go once I’m old and mad?

Your arms did not mold to my shape

nor dreams on your lap did prepare

to be yours or be mine,

so I hold on to you for the sake of my life

to be there for a moment in time.


Fake Winter Wish


Fake Winter Wish


In my fake winter, under skies blue

I wish I could be much closer to you

prolonging a day of finally meeting

a groundhog day forever repeating.

I would learn to love day after day

fixing my mistakes with every replay

and only for you to create perfection

in a rerun day obtain your attention.

My life goes on now in intricate ways

without anyone in my passing days

but I wish I could get closer to you

amid fake winters under skies blue.






Your beauty in the garden of Eden

an apple, red and tempting

my slithering desires-

Blindness the only cure

for eyes that follow every cadence

of your hips,

glamorous lure

condemning my soul to hell

forever lost in red lips

and skin God created to incite,

in sin eternally lost with every bite-






In the eve of winter I crave for storms to reach

my silent nights, made for others seeking peace.

But I seek your passion, raw, untamed

as a winter storm, to reclaim

a place on your back,

wedge between your burning thighs,

eager fingers gasping for flesh inflamed

with pent up fires.

And you become my storm

in winter’s eve trapped in a heated summer

fed by a stream of desires-