Nested in Your Skin



Nested in Your Skin


Sometimes I wish I was again nested in your skin

and expressions could flow inside rivers of lust

caressing deeply buried fantasies lying dormant-

Other times I wish among my wants I could entrust

my heart in your loving hands, but to do so requires

to disregard an idea of me and a sense of you

letting go of imposed restrains and simply be-

Sometimes I wish we could be again defined as two

instead of one alone without another, to see

the want behind your eyes, the deep emotions

that rocked my nights knowing inside my heart

a life with you was not an end but a new start,

oh how I wish I was again nested in your skin-


“I am inhabited by a cry.

Nightly it flaps out

Looking, with its hooks, for something to love.”

― Sylvia Plath





Shifting oceans of your body send me adrift

with every touch and kiss I could be lost

guided only by the stars in your eyes-

My desires look for shores on your skin

solitary islands to hide myself away-

I dream of being in your arms tossed

into the fiery waves of wild desires,

a perfect place to be your castaway-






I followed a path of skin many times,

sweat drops like rain soaking desires buried deep

within those places where fantasies come alive.

And in my journey across her nakedness my need

becomes intolerable, rushing across to arrive

scattered all over eager to possess her body,

never the same skin, never the same story

but always the same fire-


“To burn with desire and keep quiet about it is the greatest punishment we can bring on ourselves.”

― Federico García Lorca





Raw instinctual desires pressing hard

in the early morning hours leaving traces

of a dream,

forgotten acts of pleasure dancing around

in my half asleep mind, unknown faces

in recurring images that seem

to revive my need for a touch

and the hardness of a body warm

under sheets to be found

by eager hands-


Hot Bread



Hot Bread


If you touch softly certain parts of me

I’ll become butter melting on your fingers

the aroma of freshly baked bread that lingers

when we pass the counter at the store

but head for the salad instead-

But that touch I so much crave

makes my mouth water with anticipation

which I gracefully hide and behave

for a taste of such flavors misled

my dreams and desires before,

and although I crave much more

I won’t show my hesitation.



At Leisure


At Leisure


I would gather all the time in the world

to slowly kiss

every inch, every space

promised for my thirsty lips

to taste at leisure-

I would gather all the heat of the sun

to slowly burn

every inch, every space

promised for my eager fingers

to explore at leisure-

I would gather all the deepest oceans

to slowly wet

every inch, every space

promised for my careless tongue

to lick at leisure-

And I would take you

every inch, every space

with all the time of the world

hotter than the heat of the sun

deeper than the deepest oceans.








 You are becoming more every passing day

every single night in my dreams you stay

in between the sheets an intent to acquire

unimagined pleasures in the games we play.

Know that we can burn if we play with fire

but to feed the flames both of us require

to become the hunter or become the prey

and if burn together is what both desire

let us then begin with the games we play.