Wild little things hiding under skin

waiting to be fed

starving in my loneliness

late at night in bed-

And they claw their way

digging deep within

for my foolish wants,

hungry little things will not go away

wanting to be fed-


“I want her to melt into me, like butter on toast. I want to absorb her and walk around for the rest of my days with her encased in my skin.

I want.”

― Sara Gruen, Water for Elephants


Tell me yours, I will tell you mine


Tell me yours, I will tell you mine

(an alcohol induced fantasy)


Fantasies mix well with Crown Royal

letting go of inhibitions, it feels fine

to watch you across the table enticing

desires driven by our mutual need

leaving love behind-

And I want to let loose and taste

what nature so well designed

on the curves outlining your dress,

to tell you how I could feed

those hidden fires you keep so well

from prying eyes-

Another drink to under-tongue wash away

the sudden thirst your body arise

for deep hard kisses,

for hands to find the tempting sway

of neglected flesh to bring alive

the sleeping nerves under your skin

and create a moment, for there is no sin

to bathe in lust when there is no love

and we both know we want to play-


“Good sex is like good bridge. If you don’t have a good partner, you’d better have a good hand.”

― Mae West

Ghost Story


Ghost Story


I do not believe in ghosts you see

the end to be the end of all we are

if the flesh do not remember once rotten

and dust to dust it turns-

But how wrong to believe all forgotten

when my rhymes followed death

and recalled someone close in a dream.

Someone far in my years, an encounter

of slithering thighs and the steam

left from nights of kisses and sex.

I must confess

she remained in my mind ever since

 and long after gone.

So I wrote about her and the flesh

that my memories bounded

in my words and my rhymes.

It was April and back a few years

when it happened and found

that the night I recall

was a full blood red moon.

Laying down for the night done and tired

only took but a minute to sleep

and  found myself dreaming of her.

Hard I was like a tent pushing up on my sheets

while I kissed and I touched all asleep

in my dream and so real it seemed

almost feeling her breasts in my hand

when she straddle and sat

letting go as I entered her full

and the rocking and pushing so deep

that I felt like I could no more stand

and I screamed loud enough

for my neighbors to hear

when I gushed and I slushed

coming out of my dream

to my own ghoulish horror to find

I was straddle across by a something in white

with red devilish eyes

and she smiled when my fear

froze me right to my bed

while she moved fast and steady

and a voice resonating straight out of hell

she just whispered in my ear

“take me hard from behind”

Now, I can tell you already it is hard to remember

all the events of that night

but I swear I can see her sometimes

with her devilish eyes

so I think of cute puppies and kittens and flowers

at the moment I’m falling asleep

to keep her away from my intimate dreams

for I know that she waits as she touches and moans

for my hardness to straddle

and to jump on my bones-


Just having fun, happy Halloween!

Double Pleasure


Double Pleasure


She lies in between two lovers,

four caressing hands

with heat rising to her wants

a fusion of kisses under the covers.

What a delightful sin to commit

a daring act of pleasure as she submit

to every exquisite desire

fulfilling her fantasy to acquire

two lovers to quench her fire.


“…There is the heat of Love, the pulsing rush of Longing, the lover’s whisper, irresistible—magic to make the sanest man go mad.” 
― Homer, The Iliad


_Body heat 1 orig




Let’s exchange our passion

and compare flames burning deep within-

We can sooth our longing on each other’s skin

without any promises,

we can scorch each other without any ashes

left for sifting through.

And I know your flames burn hotter than mine

for I seen your glow far across the sky

so let’s swap our heat and become entwined

in a molten bed burning our desires

where you’ll come to find

our equal yearning

will be satisfied-



“Only the united beat of sex and heart together can create ecstasy.”

― Anaïs Nin, Delta of Venus

Skin to Skin



Skin to Skin


There is something about skin to skin

that intoxicates and dull my senses,

the exquisite feel of sweat and oil

between the tightness of two bodies

that glide across with legs uncoil

in rubbing back and forth desires-

There is something that consumes my mind

her rounded back which makes me flushed

with lust and wants, and my body tenses

amid the moans when holding strong

skin to skin, my fingers rushed

between her thighs the pleasure find

and lost become where I belong,

skin to skin-


“There is a perfection in everything that cannot be owned.”

― Anaïs Nin, Delta of Venus

To Burn



To Burn


Ah those crumbs you leave behind for me to feed

just leave me hungry for the whole loaf-

You have a way to tickle dreams my dearest girl

entice my mind and make me need

our coupling words to plant a seed

and maybe grow into something more-

And then I feel the lava flow across my chest

and on my tongue a crave to taste

what flavors hide between your lips,

to rush my wants with hungry haste

my hardness strong

I’ll spread apart your eager hips

to find the streams of lava flow

and burn myself down to the core-


“As if you were on fire from within.

The moon lives in the lining of your skin.”

― Pablo Neruda