I know I never touched you

but the heat of your skin burns the tip of my fingers

I know I never kissed you

but the taste of your lips in between mine lingers

I know I never held you

but the shape of your body I feel against mine

I know I never had you

but the flesh of your thighs burns within my mind

I know I never lost you

but the love you provide by distance is confined

to the touch of my fingers

to the taste that just lingers

to your body against mine

to the burn in my mind.


H.O. 12/30/14






Just to see a smile sadness takes hold

quietly our love getting brittle and old

with our dreams disposed of left behind

and nothing else to change in my mind

as you tenderly forged the rusted space

with the beautiful images of your face.

To remain in there when I walk away

as we understand I can’t ever stay

when I lost so much of what never had

happiness infected with a touch of sad

when I couldn’t have just a simple touch

and I walk away without keeping much

while all I ever want is for you to hold

happiness forgotten in a story untold.


H.O. 12/30/14




From my love you run and just hide away

possibilities given in a gesture of a smile

that you entertained but did not sustain

with your hidden desires if just for a while,

unknown desires I came searching in vain

as your fear of love keeps me running stray.


And I found you hiding every time I tried

holding to your voice and promises of you,

not promises of love or enduring passion

as I never asked for what never knew,

but I never asked for scraps of compassion

only for a love that now runs and hide.


From your love I lost what you kept at bay

possibilities given in scraps of words found

while I waited hopeful for a little more

than just smiling words if you came around,

and when I try to open your illusive door

from my love you run and just hide away.

H.O. 12/29/14





Sometimes searching for unknown reasons

leaves me empty with a lonely heart

with a need for you that will not depart

like a winter cold that will last four seasons

and I freeze in time with no place to turn.


And my heart will bleed while so deeply burn

wishing I would find you in a nick of time

while I sit alone with nothing to call mine,

sometimes I just wish that you could return

and embrace me softly in my longest day.


Sometimes I don’t know why you couldn’t stay

while my soul was thirsty for someone like you

to hold on to something that I never knew

simply froze my heart when you faded away.


H.O. 12/17/14





There are moments in our time

I catch a special smile or a look

meant for someone but not mine

to hold or mine to keep,

moments that my breath took

for just a second or just a peep.


In those moments I came to savor

I found my wishes and your dreams

weaved together in a distinct flavor

that left traces of you inside,

knowing that it is not what seems

I let those moments subside.


H.O. 12/10/14





How many kisses will it take

to get to the center of your heart?

not enough if just one kiss

within the flavors of your lips

as you may think it is fake

and keep my love far apart.


Two kisses just to begin

in making your heart ache

and dream of me in the night

but three kisses at least might

entice what’s hidden within

and love for me may awake.


Four kisses seems like a lot

long and soft to make you dream

of possibilities no yet found

but five kisses deliciously abound

it is promising but may not

with love your life set agleam.


Six kisses may not do the trick

as six hundred will not be such

to hold you close if not forever

but the kisses may however

to your heart lovingly stick

and a million won’t be much.


H.O. 12/3/14