Temptation hides behind beautiful faces

in provocative walks with swaying hips

and intensive looks when passing by,

in a slightly exposed thigh

teased around by skin-tight dresses

and ruby-red adoring lips.


Temptation comes in many shapes

in curves that hold steady my secret stares

and fingers longing for a touch,

it comes in shades of skin as such

that my mouth eagerly craves

with dreams of wild affairs.


And to give in to so much temptation

is either heavens or my damnation.



Forgotten (Re-post)

This poem was written almost two years ago and was posted in my other blog. I decided to move a few poems from one blog to another as it is more appropriate to be posted here.



Pieces of you appear in unexpected places,

phantom memories of confusing moments

that today would be hard to explain.

Electronic pixels of my idea of you as plain

as the letters reflected in my torment

and written with your essence and traces.


Later as I succumbed to my isolation

I couldn’t recall details of our last encounter.

Your name became blurred among others

and I became entangled with another’s

as I continued searching and encountered

another one that took me into temptation.


Not easy at first to refrain from calling you,

my tongue became accustomed to the sound

of the three letters that made you real.

When my body longed to yours be near

and my mouth your name tried to pronounce,

I bit my lips and told myself what I already knew,

that you never were mine and never will

and your dreams I was never meant to fulfill.


Today, your unknown whereabouts makes me sad

as I clearly understand you won’t be back.

Not the same sadness I felt before

for I now hold you in non-existence,

and memories fade without much resistance

while your name in my lips will not be more.





A ghost wandering my empty heart

a notion or idea of what I felt before

but not fluttering around anymore,

lacking sharpness that breaks apart

all the love leaving a space

with no longer seeing your face

in the dreams that now depart.

But the lacking stays a while

such need to kiss stranger lips

and memories of your full hips

the best times makes it worthwhile,

verses transformed in what I want

a search for the feelings that can’t

while you fade away with a smile.