There are hundred ways of caressing you

in between my arms

 and so many places I can softly touch

in so many ways and with all your charms

I can hold you close and enjoy as such

all the hidden places

that my heart embraces

 with all hundred ways of caressing you.


There are hundred ways of enticing you

when I hold your hips

every single nerve to respond in time

to the subtle stroke of my fingertips

and with every kiss I will make you mine

with so much to adore

when you ask for more

of all hundred ways of enticing you.


H.O. 1/28/15



Michelle Amara



Rhythmic rising of your chest

keeping pace with the long stroke

of my artistic tongue, knowing best

how to paint dreams of you to evoke

such response on the canvas of your skin.

With precise movement I find places

where my mouth transform the ink

of my desires into kisses drawn with ease

along your body and define the spaces

readily offered for my masterpiece.


H.O. 1/22/15







It is not sad to be alone for that I knew

to give up kisses left in my mind

and say goodbye of dreams to find

somewhere in time

someone like you.


It is not sad to be alone in this life of mine

but letting go of dreams undue

to say goodbye to what I knew

someone like you

somewhere in time.


H.O 1/21/15





How many hands will touch the same skin and explore the same places

while I starve in loneliness wishing it was me the one to remain

the one to revive your hidden desires which could leave the traces

of kisses like new and touches unknown that would drive you insane

and I wish I was the one that you choose and your heart embraces.


How many lovers occupy the space left in your bed as I walked away

and to hear their name escape with such pleasure from lips I once kissed

while in dreams alone I hold you at night and during nights replay

the path on your body and the flavor of kisses that are dearly missed

I wish to be a lover, your friend and beloved and the one that’ll stay.


H.O. 1/14/15