Not mine, will never be someone a part

of dreams I weave at night,

but such delight

the roundness of her hips

creating waves inside my blood to rush

for just a moment,

her unexpected touch

and hair next to my lips

too much to just contain in one embrace

of arms around my waist and heart-


July 15, 2018

“I had embraced you…

long before i hugged you.”

― Sanober Khan


Until the End


Until the End


Until the day I die

the farthest stars will always pull

my need for rhymes,

my need for love so many times

will stab my heart

and I a fool

will follow ‘til I break apart,

my eyes will rise

and look above the brightest light

and then again

like foolish men

I’ll follow blind-


July 2018

“The brain becomes illogical, in the throes of new romance.”

― Abhijit Naskar





Those parts you said belonged to me

I never did reclaim, your gift a fragile

thing we made of clouds and wicked wants

remains forever stuck in rhymes-

Maybe we live somewhere out there

between the seasons of forever

where we transformed diverging lives

into one merged in space and time

and I exist with you as mine-

Will you forgive me?

I tempted fate, enticed your longing

for burning skin of sun and sands

while I got lost between your hands

under the lace of dreamy nights-

Will you remember?

I’ll ask again, will you remember

how with my words I made you sin?

Without regrets or without shame

and how at night you touched your skin

while softly calling me by name.

Then tell me love, should I reclaim

those parts you said belonged to me?


July 2018

“There’s warm skin. A strong body that embraces you. Breaths that escape his gasping mouth. But… we’re calling out another’s name in our hearts. With our eyes closed, that person’s image surfaces in our minds. It was a sweet, gentle, yet cruel night.”

― Yuuri Eda