What Floats Inside



What Floats Inside


Like smoke in a windowless room

trapped desires come to play mind games,

fantasies dare not show in daylight

but in rooms within she plays despite

her dress seam below bared knees

quietly hiding the flames

burning, burning for illicit dreams

of hard cocks and flesh that screams

for more of the pleasure pain!

But what a sweet smile,

an angel like woman beautifully pure

secretly waiting for night to lure

desires into the open skin

above her knees her dress seam

raised high

burning, burning for flesh that screams

for more of what hides within-



Like Sand and Waves


Like Sand and Waves


Back and forth

like the waves which uncover my feet

in the sand buried deep

like my soul,

back and forth

you uncover my love

and my cravings like sand

washed away

to expose who I am

a naked soul of a man-

Back and forth

you will come in the night

and I take you to bed

staying stuck in my head

while the attraction you fight

back and forth

holding on to your fears

when your love like the sand

grain by grain disappears-


“It’s not worth it to build castles on the sand if they get destroyed by the waves of reality.”

― Mladen Đorđević

Of Spells and Dreams


Of Spells and Dreams


You cradle me between legs gently

on milky skin a contrast shade

of passion penned in winter schemes,

your pelvic heat radiating wants

with urges flowing in a cascade

of loose desires-

I give you words,

you give me dreams-

I give you love,

you give me words,

but words like chants

bewitch my dreams,

if with a spell I could persuade

under my wings

for you to stay…

Would you let go and just be mine

and not confine

yourself to dreams?


“She was fascinated with words. To her, words were things of beauty, each like a magical powder or potion that could be combined with other words to create powerful spells”

– Dean Koontz –

In Passing


In Passing


Do not fade

into the what could have been,

seeds wilted in the stagnation of a drought

after the passing storm, my skin

knowing your touch so well, without,

a deserted vastness of this empty space.

Do not forget

a soul feeds from attention

when hungrily seeking redemption

from sins of flesh, mea culpa,

in blindness seeking to say

how I needed you

delicately wrapped in lace

under sheets sustaining desires.

Do not go alone

into the unknowns of time,

when love so little requires

and a flicker of light

will burn bright

into the dark tomorrows.

Could you imagine me as yours?

I wonder how you see me inside

your guarded thoughts,

a touch you kindly hide

while in dreams alone

will always see you as mine-


“The things you let go will someday teach you how to fly.”

― Jenim Dibie





Every sound diluted

inundates my heart in a kaleidoscopic

flow of emotions, mesmerized

I feel your voice deeply rooted,

inside, quakes of pleasure crumbles

these walls, and I memorized

every intonation on my skin-

Would you touch and replay

these memories?

Your hands to follow the sounds

grooved on my surface,

to make me spin

into your passion, a disarray

of emotions dancing

to a tune you play so well-


“In search of that beat that my heart skipped when I first saw your beautiful soul…”

― Evy Michaels

Like a Skin


Like a Skin


How I am to feed this longing that grows

as I’m waiting for emotions to fade, to shed

this new skin you bred all around me-

And I feel it itching at night in my bed

with your heat burning long

in those places your love does belong

but forgotten for fear of the storms

that may come if we choose to let be

what was meant to become-

And I touched you, still I will do if I need

of this drug which I crave, and you are

like a skin with a longing I feed

while I’m waiting for life to dissolve

so I may find you again

in a place not so far if we evolve

and transform-

But for now, what to do with this skin

that you bred all around me?


“How we need another soul to cling to, another body to keep us warm. To rest and trust; to give your soul in confidence: I need this, I need someone to pour myself into.”

― Sylvia Plath

Something goes


Something goes


Something goes with the wind

when it blows by my door,

and it strips all my love to the core

leaving pieces of her-

Something goes with the moon

when I sing by her light

about loving so deep, and I write

on her beams

with the ink of my dreams

and when gone,

something goes out of sight-

Something goes in the waves

when it kisses my hand

and erases a name on the sand

while it washes away

my leftover craves.

Something goes when she goes

taking pieces of me-


“I Think it is lost…..but nothing is ever lost nor can be lost .

The body sluggish, aged, cold, the ember left from earlier fires

shall duly flame again.”

― Walt Whitman