I lost you somewhere, a tempting dream

you became, a filled space within my heart

when your life was torn and broke apart

and a whisper of hope came in with desires

left untouched, and with a silent scream

of agony partially burning in the silent fires

that consumed my mind, while I pushed away.


I lost you somewhere and I cannot say

if love was just absent or maybe too young

to carry in my arms, as I saw you feed

the call of the flesh as enticed and dared,

so I left you alone and I walked away

leaving you behind to commit the wrong,

with an empty space in my heart to keep

as I long for you, while I’m lost somewhere.






What’s left of desire when it leaves your skin

and the lips turn cold when absent of kisses,

when the heart is empty and the soul within

cannot longer soar and now only reminisces.


What’s left of dreams when the love is gone

and solitary fingers are yearning for a touch,

when days just pass and the nights are long

in an empty bed without dreams as such.


What’s left of my life without having you

and everything I am cannot longer share,

what will I become, how will I get through

when what’s left to give I no longer care.