Nested in Your Skin



Nested in Your Skin


Sometimes I wish I was again nested in your skin

and expressions could flow inside rivers of lust

caressing deeply buried fantasies lying dormant-

Other times I wish among my wants I could entrust

my heart in your loving hands, but to do so requires

to disregard an idea of me and a sense of you

letting go of imposed restrains and simply be-

Sometimes I wish we could be again defined as two

instead of one alone without another, to see

the want behind your eyes, the deep emotions

that rocked my nights knowing inside my heart

a life with you was not an end but a new start,

oh how I wish I was again nested in your skin-


“I am inhabited by a cry.

Nightly it flaps out

Looking, with its hooks, for something to love.”

― Sylvia Plath


Buried Skeleton Key



We lived by moments hiding

in between smiles and looks,

your face pale like the moon

your smile brightest at noon

when we buried secrets in the sand.

We loved without haste riding

pleasure late at night when my hand

and lips soothed sunburned skin

under cool sheets,

tasting leftover saltiness

from a bed of grass by the farthest shore

where the waves meet the land.

And by moments we parted

with goodbyes each one less than before

forgetting how love taste

on sunburned skin

on a bed of sand by the farthest shore

 where we buried our moments in the sand-






Have you ever seen across the distance and far away

a place you feel could be your home?

Your eyes today became that place

but far they seemed like strangers land,

your eyes, your lips, your tender hand

to build a shelter for my soul-

And I contend to see you across and far away

your skies so clear your oceans sway

and call me softly to swim across,

to plant your earth until I’m old

and build my home

between your arms to safely stay-


“Perhaps home is not a place but simply an irrevocable condition.”

― James Baldwin





I was just a child playing with your fire-

Never knew that lips could have tasted like guava

in a summer night sitting by the water

looking at the stars,

and it didn’t matter

if my tongue naïve knew not how to explore

further in your mouth with a taste of guava

which I simply adored,

I was just a child kissing tender lips

in a summer night sitting by the water.


Glint of Light


Glint of Light


There is nothing I can hold forever, nothing more

than a moment, hesitating resolve to leave behind

a glint of light that shines right through

and holds me there, because of you

so lost in dreams sometimes myself I find-

Oh how I want you, I did before

but let it go, sometimes seems best

to encase my heart inside my chest

and shut my eyes to keep me blind

to a glint of light that shines right through-


We Danced



We Danced


I dreamt of dancing, and how we danced!

In tender arms the swing of hearts so much in tune

we softly moved, the floor was vast, the music soft

while holding on we danced and danced

‘til morning dew.

I dreamt of you,

of that first kiss that stole my heart

and filled my dreams

when late one night under full moon

we danced and dance, and how we danced!


I’ll Find a Way


I’ll Find a Way


And then someone will come along and learn to love

the broken you and shine his light between the cracks

of shattered dreams to find your soul, someone to hold

you in loving arms until the day when you turn old

and find that life no longer lacks

and wounds did heal under his care.

Someone will do, I rightly swear

that if I could just be the one to steal you away

from all the pain, to glue the parts

from broken hearts,

I’ll find a way-


“But hurry, let’s entwine ourselves as one, our mouth broken, our soul bitten by love, so time discovers us safely destroyed.”

― Federico García Lorca