Window Pane



Window Pane


Such cruelty,

Tantalizing toy in the window pane

and my pockets empty-

Time ran out of change to pay for a stock

in your heart of gold, and I go insane

when inside my mind I can almost taste

your delightful treats

while dying of hunger enchanted and dazed.

I can’t hardly stare if could only knock

and you look my way,

but this life so cruel and won’t let me play

only stare in wonder at the window pane-


“But all these were things he could not want, because they were things he could not have, and wanting what you could not have led to misery and madness.”

― Cassandra Clare


red lips isolated in white



How that red will catch my eyes and torture dreams

sprouting schemes

within my wants and my desires

in tempting smiles

which paint illusions in red.

And red the color of my flame

underneath an aching pain

of dreams forgone,

but in a smile your lips prolong

a yearning look I entertain

while blindly lost in coral red.


“what red lips you have,” he said in her ear. Did she dare say it? “All the better to kiss you with, my dear,” she replied. And then their lips met.”

― Annette Curtis Klause, Blood and Chocolate





But to dream becomes an addiction

and escape from my reality, vague desires

seeking refuge on the contour of your lips

which I slowly trace at night-

And I become a slave in time

of my wants and hidden emotions,

stuck with my lifelong notions

that love must be real, and it might

appear anytime,

that skin deserves to be touched

while mine eager and alone

awaits for your fingertips to find.

So I dream with every breath I take

feeding the need to escape

my reality, and lost in the rush

of a moment, I dream you mine.




(I am having trouble writing a good poem. If you see my muse please send her my way. I miss you muse! This is a practice poem to keep the ink flowing.)



My need for love is not unique

for many feel the same

and some may find it just in time

while others search in vain.


I was deceived by tempting lips

and followed the wrong star

a wasted life of lust and wine

that took me nowhere far.


And now alone full of regrets

I cannot longer bear

for love is gone and now in life

to search no longer dare.