I felt mundane my hands lacking the silkiness

of clouds deserved by your body,

earth crusted nails selfishly adorning the stroke

of fingers across your chest, it was a sin

to engulf your flesh so pure and soft

with time rugged lips that spoke

of love, like language was a way

to capture your lust forever mine,

to make those nerves along your spine

with inebriated spasms to remember

how once my hands and lips

engraved a moment on your skin-


“I hunger for your sleek laugh and your hands the color of a furious harvest. I want to eat the sunbeams flaring in your beauty.”

― Pablo Neruda


Cásate Conmigo



Cásate Conmigo


“Cásate conmigo” I whispered on your ear

It’s been so long my dear

since words I never said but meant

to hand you all the stars and take you away.

It’s been too long and only in dreams

you suddenly appear as beautiful as ever

so real the taste of that last kiss

still remains forever-

If I could just return and find your arms

flourished with promises left

abandoned words that never grew

when lives then drifted apart

and only turned into a dream

that haunts me at night,

I would then say the words I knew

were stuck inside my heart-


“In my heart, I knew that only the lucky found that sort of happiness. And I had always run short on luck.” ― S.H. Kolee, Fated





If blind I was I still could see

your image burnt in places

that haunts me every night,

your face becomes the sight

of dreams my love yet chases

your smile perfectly bright

if blind I was I still could see.


If deaf I was I still could hear

your voice so deep within

a melody that’ll never die

in bed my sweetest lullaby

to take my heart into a spin

a sound no silence could defy

If deaf I was I still could hear


If mute I was I still could say

within my dreams your name

to give it wings and fly so far

the silent sound around a star

flying above a burning flame

your name inside my heart

If mute I was I still could say.


Hints of You


Hints of You


There are hints of you-

I found them shining by the sea,

my feet caressed by grainy sand,

half buried shells the water bathes

with back and forth in roaring waves-

I kept them tightly in my hand

your face so far I couldn’t see-


In cloudy days on roofs of tin

the rain would sing familiar tunes

a déjà vu of something gone,

when sadness felt like it belonged

and drops would fall in afternoons

with hints of you so deep within-


And then at night a sweet perfume

would linger softly in between dreams

of you and me, another time

when I was yours and you were mine,

and on the sky when pale light gleams

I see above the waxing moon

with hints of you-



Something to Remember


Something to Remember


Sometimes you leave a yearn for moments lost-

A sudden flash reoccurs of dreams we left behind,

-for isn’t there something to remember?

In moments, such as those I pay whatever cost

to feel emotions left somewhere another time,

-for isn’t there something to remember?

And looking at your face I swallow questions left

while fading into days when missing you the best,

-for isn’t there something to remember?







Lost in the brown of your eyes

I could have loved the impossibility you became,

watching the subtle beauty of your inner soul

as I strung desires from the skies

reflected on your dreams, dreams I stole

to set my love aflame-

Even now I wish I could have tasted

your life flavors, but wishes wasted

too late to such a life reclaim.

Now lost in the memory of your brown eyes

I yearn the possibility you became.






You became a ghost appeased by words left

drifting on forgotten pages, defining you

as I created a version within my heart.

And I lost you way back before I knew

your face would become dreams nested

in the sound of your voice late at night,

your words quickly becoming a part

of what love is made of, and I lost you

quietly as your ghostly presence became

embedded in the words written before

morphing into fading pixels just the same

as I fade into a life where I am no more.