At Leisure


At Leisure


I would gather all the time in the world

to slowly kiss

every inch, every space

promised for my thirsty lips

to taste at leisure-

I would gather all the heat of the sun

to slowly burn

every inch, every space

promised for my eager fingers

to explore at leisure-

I would gather all the deepest oceans

to slowly wet

every inch, every space

promised for my careless tongue

to lick at leisure-

And I would take you

every inch, every space

with all the time of the world

hotter than the heat of the sun

deeper than the deepest oceans.









 You are becoming more every passing day

every single night in my dreams you stay

in between the sheets an intent to acquire

unimagined pleasures in the games we play.

Know that we can burn if we play with fire

but to feed the flames both of us require

to become the hunter or become the prey

and if burn together is what both desire

let us then begin with the games we play.








Passionate outbursts entices you

to seek relief when I’m not there

the way you touch,

I wish I knew

the special places

to be prepared,

but not too much

so I’ll explore  between the laces

and find the spaces

reserve for kisses,

where I’ll compare

the sweetest spot.

If you my love so much desire

I can be taught

to go beyond what I would dare

and burn myself within your fire.






Once is not enough as you were fooled by the lacking found in selfishness and became an object to fulfill his needs. There is so much in the taste of heavens when a second time brings more of what hides in you. If I hold on my need for release and give you time to explore your desires then a mutual experience will bring the ultimate relief to such penned passion. Let me hold you after, close enough to feel the small spasms traveling across your skin. Close your eyes while I keep guard for lost dreams and then again, and again we may begin.


Once not enough as fooled you were

by selfishness found in lack of care

when heavens happens twice around

with tasting skin in love abounded

so let me explore such hidden passion

and delight myself with your reaction

when not just once or maybe twice

but then three times I may entice.






Will I ever forget your name?

It resonates inside hidden

among others left the same

with a hint of hope or shame

but to speak aloud forbidden.


It swirls around at night

when almost I say it aloud

in that moment when I might

forget that is no longer right

if only in my dreams allowed.


But to forget a name so sweet

is to forget the taste of life

a search to become complete

with a name like a heartbeat

to remind me I’m still alive.

H.O. 3/26/15




Once awaken my thirst for you grows more

unbearable my craving for sex becomes

for a salty taste of skin I adore

between ridges that forms

when you bend with pleasure.

I crave all the places I explore at leisure

seeking with my tongue

to arouse you even more

that I did before

and when I bite your nipples

it creates such ripples

all across your skin

traveling to places

I will slowly explore

following the traces

to where I begin.

H.O. 3/3/15





Sometimes searching for unknown reasons

leaves me empty with a lonely heart

with a need for you that will not depart

like a winter cold that will last four seasons

and I freeze in time with no place to turn.


And my heart will bleed while so deeply burn

wishing I would find you in a nick of time

while I sit alone with nothing to call mine,

sometimes I just wish that you could return

and embrace me softly in my longest day.


Sometimes I don’t know why you couldn’t stay

while my soul was thirsty for someone like you

to hold on to something that I never knew

simply froze my heart when you faded away.


H.O. 12/17/14