Of what we need


Of what we need


Deprived of a touch desires languish,

my love desolated in a drought of emotions

slowly wither, a lone flower in a neglected garden-

And what is it that I miss?

This life filled with opposing notions

always seeking a soul matched in heavens

lost along the way, my will hardened

into a shell of finality, a dry river

flowing into a sea of desperation-

I lost my way,

somewhere between my first cry

and her last kiss,

a broken piece left behind in the sway

of waves caressing my body

while I’ll dream of her,

somewhere between her last goodbye

and my last breath-


“No, I don’t miss you… Not in a way that one is missed.

But I think of you.


In the way that one might think of the summer sunshine

On a winter night…”

― Sreesha Divakaran,


Cásate Conmigo



Cásate Conmigo


“Cásate conmigo” I whispered on your ear

It’s been so long my dear

since words I never said but meant

to hand you all the stars and take you away.

It’s been too long and only in dreams

you suddenly appear as beautiful as ever

so real the taste of that last kiss

still remains forever-

If I could just return and find your arms

flourished with promises left

abandoned words that never grew

when lives then drifted apart

and only turned into a dream

that haunts me at night,

I would then say the words I knew

were stuck inside my heart-


“In my heart, I knew that only the lucky found that sort of happiness. And I had always run short on luck.” ― S.H. Kolee, Fated





Lost in the brown of your eyes

I could have loved the impossibility you became,

watching the subtle beauty of your inner soul

as I strung desires from the skies

reflected on your dreams, dreams I stole

to set my love aflame-

Even now I wish I could have tasted

your life flavors, but wishes wasted

too late to such a life reclaim.

Now lost in the memory of your brown eyes

I yearn the possibility you became.






You became a ghost appeased by words left

drifting on forgotten pages, defining you

as I created a version within my heart.

And I lost you way back before I knew

your face would become dreams nested

in the sound of your voice late at night,

your words quickly becoming a part

of what love is made of, and I lost you

quietly as your ghostly presence became

embedded in the words written before

morphing into fading pixels just the same

as I fade into a life where I am no more.



julia merrell



Sometimes, craving someone sticks hard

to nerve endings on my skin, lonely heart

missing beats meant for love, now long gone

and left forgotten in fading names

within ashes left from flames

that once burned, then I am done

with regressing to the places

where her kisses left the traces

of such flavors on my lips, slowly fading

but pervading

late at night in between sheets lone and cold,

someone there in my memories to hold.






I remember faces, words and places

and the feel of you, that I can’t remember-

I can see the kisses each and every time

when replay again what I though was mine

but became a dream, not a burning ember.

I can see my hands touching every part

but a taste of you, that I can’t remember-

Only in my mind one night in September

I did find a place in your loving heart.

Now your face at night becomes an obsession

and your ghostly voice resonates inside

while I ask myself how much hard I tried

to hold on to you with my desperation,

and your last goodbye, that I do remember.






I can’t remember, too many winters passed leaving cold behind

desperately seeking the warm wrapped in caring hands

with promises of remembering in time

what was like, when no one understands

that leaving pieces behind as we depart

causes us to forget about the heart.


Glimpses sneak through a window at night

when in between dreams I forget I can’t remember

until waking up with tears caused by fright

makes me wonder, something about September

and a fading smile with promises I can’t remember.

H.O. July 11, 2014