Holding on


Holding on


I’ll hold on to you as if you were life

a breath of air in my lungs

a rhythm of heartbeats to stay alive.

I’ll hold on to you like a second skin

covered by kisses and sweat

warm like the summer rain.

I’ll hold on to you as If I was blind

and you were my way in the dark

or like if you were water

drowning myself in your eyes .

And if you turned to fire I’ll hold on

burning myself until the last spark

dwindles and dies.


“In reality nobody can grasp anything permanently in life. Absolutely nothing. Something may stay in memory for a while but eventually that too fades away.”
Aditya Ajmera






I hold on to you for the sake of life

a candle in the dark

that shines warm and bright.

And I veer desires for you

afraid of losing what I never had,

a lacking of wishes distant star

I cannot see in a galaxy far

but I know it’s there.

Where do I go once I’m old and mad?

Your arms did not mold to my shape

nor dreams on your lap did prepare

to be yours or be mine,

so I hold on to you for the sake of my life

to be there for a moment in time.






Lost in the brown of your eyes

I could have loved the impossibility you became,

watching the subtle beauty of your inner soul

as I strung desires from the skies

reflected on your dreams, dreams I stole

to set my love aflame-

Even now I wish I could have tasted

your life flavors, but wishes wasted

too late to such a life reclaim.

Now lost in the memory of your brown eyes

I yearn the possibility you became.






Do lips forget the path to follow?

I wonder if the yearn for passion ever pass,

the subtle need for a touch that lasts

an eternity, or so it feels like time

will drag the emotions I dryly swallow,

stealing life alone while I relive

the moment my lips against your skin

did find the path, and I outlive

desires kept within

in moments over time,

if lips forget the path to follow.



julia merrell



Sometimes, craving someone sticks hard

to nerve endings on my skin, lonely heart

missing beats meant for love, now long gone

and left forgotten in fading names

within ashes left from flames

that once burned, then I am done

with regressing to the places

where her kisses left the traces

of such flavors on my lips, slowly fading

but pervading

late at night in between sheets lone and cold,

someone there in my memories to hold.






Gone, dust to dust-

How death becomes

a final breath

of earth bounded flesh.

And yet inside

your face still lives,

a smile so fresh

like it was now,

turning a week

into a lifetime.

Gone, the subtle taste-

And when you left

leaving behind

a trail of lust

caught in desires

we let out fast

with desperation,

like if we knew

that wouldn’t last

and the lips I kissed

in a final breath

turned into dust-



Hanging Dreams


Hanging Dreams


I hang my dreams in passing time

my need for love, my love to need

another one to touch my skin

when late at night it burns-

I hang my dreams, the ones I feed

when call her mine

and yet I know it’s only a dream

but such delight to hear her voice

when late at night it burns-

I hang my dreams without a choice

no lips to kiss, no hand to hold

with just a voice to sooth my soul

when late at night it burns.