Your gentle face fills me with possibilities-

It reminds me of sunsets and starry nights

of how fast my heart beats with a touch

of a hand or a look that incites

to want more-

And I attempt to remember the whys

I stopped seeking and eventually ignored

my far need to be love and the want

running deep in my veins-

Then I look at your face and your eyes

make me wish I could have it return

all my longing, somewhere it remains

buried asleep to be awaken

to the heat of your touch

that now burns-


Glint of Light


Glint of Light


There is nothing I can hold forever, nothing more

than a moment, hesitating resolve to leave behind

a glint of light that shines right through

and holds me there, because of you

so lost in dreams sometimes myself I find-

Oh how I want you, I did before

but let it go, sometimes seems best

to encase my heart inside my chest

and shut my eyes to keep me blind

to a glint of light that shines right through-


Faraway Kiss


Faraway Kiss


My thoughts fly around your image

searching for a place to lay my dreams

and hatch desires,

your hair carelessly cascading streams

of sunlight while palpitating hands

yearn the softness of a touch.

And I weave my passion into strands

of words breathing fire

to deeply burn into a bliss

of emotions,

for every sound escaping your lips

becomes a faraway kiss.






Your beauty in the garden of Eden

an apple, red and tempting

my slithering desires-

Blindness the only cure

for eyes that follow every cadence

of your hips,

glamorous lure

condemning my soul to hell

forever lost in red lips

and skin God created to incite,

in sin eternally lost with every bite-






If you only knew heartbeats call your name

a thump for each letter to beat just for you

rushing blood fill vessels in bittersweet pain

cells swelling up with your name inflamed

in delicious waves of sounds going through.

Drawn across skin I could feel goose bumps

shouting heartbeats in a thump thump thump,

if you only knew how it calls your name-


See You


See You


I see you,

like others seen you before-

I don’t love you,

like others loved you before,

but the attraction of moons within your eyes

set my seas in turmoil and my mind adrift

with desires sudden and swift-

Late at night they rise

to meet dreams floating around

while I drown in your eyes.

And I see you, eyes wide shut

like none seen you before-






It is just something connected, a soft feature

of your face or bits and pieces of your mind

escaping the tight walls of your prison.

And then I wish I knew you before

in another life, another place where to find

someone like you could not be ignored.

It is just something somehow I knew

belongs to me,  but lost in you.