I Will Think of You


I Will Think of You


When the morning dew

kiss the trumpet lilies

I will think of you-

When the bright sunshine

in an late fall day

on the pond display

all the rainbow colors

I will think of you-

When the gentle waves

with a salty taste

of a summer night

blankets me in delight

I will think of you-

An every fleeting day

with the changing seasons

will be all the reasons

to recall your face

and to think of you-


“In this story

I am the poet

You’re the poetry.”

― Arzum Uzun


Cásate Conmigo



Cásate Conmigo


“Cásate conmigo” I whispered on your ear

It’s been so long my dear

since words I never said but meant

to hand you all the stars and take you away.

It’s been too long and only in dreams

you suddenly appear as beautiful as ever

so real the taste of that last kiss

still remains forever-

If I could just return and find your arms

flourished with promises left

abandoned words that never grew

when lives then drifted apart

and only turned into a dream

that haunts me at night,

I would then say the words I knew

were stuck inside my heart-


“In my heart, I knew that only the lucky found that sort of happiness. And I had always run short on luck.” ― S.H. Kolee, Fated

Si Pudiera (If I could)


Si Pudiera


Si por ti pudiera descorchar el cielo

y derramar azul de tus ojos un reflejo

para embriagarme lento

perdido en tu mirada-

Si por ti pudiera desgarrar las nubes

en un lago de besos ahogarme en tu boca,

y si acaso pudiera recortar estrellas

iluminar los sueños que tu amor evoca

y lo haría todo, si por ti pudiera.



If I could


If for you I could open up the skies

I would pour the blue to reflect your eyes

slowly intoxicated behind every look

only if I could-

I would tear apart every passing cloud

 and in my delusion

in a lake of kisses drown inside your mouth .

If for you I could trim the shiniest stars

to light up your dreams

for if love beseems

I would do it all only if I could.


El Amor


El Amor


El amor se espanta, se ahoga-

Perdido en las sombras del tiempo

envejece en la consciencia

y estremece las entrañas.

El amor como toda ciencia

una prueba de existencia

que no engaña,

pero deja sola el alma

y te arrebata la calma

en noches a solas ardiendo

por recuerdos malgastado

cuando una vez marchitado

el amor te deja y a solas

poco a poco va muriendo.



Life’s Addiction


Life’s Addiction


My eyes see more than I wish to see

my heart beat less every passing day

and love, well love I cannot say

if it was real as much as ideal.

But how do I miss an endearing look

as it wasn’t her more than it was me

the one weaving dreams

broken every time I misunderstood.

And now it just seems

life gives me the vision

to understand love when no longer near

and love, well love I can say my dear

was my life’s addiction

and then disappeared.



-Shedding Dreams- (Sonnet)


-Shedding Dreams-



I strip love shedding dreams of gone lovers

leaving traces of forgotten names,

a constant yearn lonely night uncovers

when under sheets played the sweetest games.

And yearn a must such beauty I cannot find

comparing love in memories now gone

a certain look later life defined,

a parting kiss I followed thereon.

And now I seek to taste love same as then

in between her arms that eagerly embrace

I’ll try to find the magic lost when once again

in her body my lost wishes I’ll replace.

I strip love shedding dreams of times now past

eyes closed wishing her lips will be my last.



I Will Not Say…


I Will Not Say


I will not say love, even if I might

dreams become confused

sometimes late at night

when the words I used

burned within my lips

and love suddenly slips-


I will not say need, even if I do

fears will take hold

that you’ll walk away

when such need withhold

deep within my heart

and may break me apart-


I will not say wait, even if I want

love is but a choice

in my search for more

than a loving voice,

even when adore

in my heart concede

and you become a need-