A Moment

I would have given myself to you”– she said. “You just needed to ask, but you never did”. She was lying on her side on the large bed that occupied most of the room. The loud noise from the window air conditioner drowned the soft music playing on the background. A thin sheet covered her body with parts of her thighs exposed to my hungry eyes. The cheap motel room served as a haven to hide the affair from judging eyes. “I am sorry that I never came back” I replied. “How long it has been?” I asked, while softly caressing her exposed thighs. “I don’t know, ten years? More?” She replied, unsure as I was. “Time has a way of sneaking up on you and then reminds you of bad choices that take you away from your possibilities– the words escaped my lips without thinking much about it.  “Yeah” she said with a dreamy look on her face.  I leaned over and kissed her again, tasting the sweetness that somehow forgot during the past ten years. “What about your husband?”I asked, “Do you love him?” She remained quiet staring at the ceiling. “I never did, but he is a good person and the children love him”. Her answer didn’t matter at this moment as I slowly eased my way under the covers. “What are you doing?” – She asked with a smile, while my lips found the way to her small breasts. “I love you”she carefully whispered next to my ear. I paused briefly digesting her words but didn’t answer while slowly working my way down to her thighs. It didn’t matter now, tomorrow I would board that plane and all this would just be a memory again.

H.O. 12/7/12