Longing 2



Oh how I miss the tightening ache deep in my chest

the long for her, the languish want so incomplete

without her touch, the unreleased need to profess

a love so strong, to rest my head upon her breasts

 to hear her heart with mine in stride so softly beat.


Oh how I yearn her ruby lips to trace my skin

to trap my breath inside her mouth, to feel the heat

while holding tight, to touch her love so deep within

and fall asleep kissing her neck, and then begin

to touch along and taste again her skin so sweet.


Oh how I need someone like her my love to wake

and never leave or ever try my heart to break.






The love that was did not sustain

did not provide for dreams to grow

and walked away with much disdain

when holding on we didn’t know.


And not too soon we will dissolve

the knot that held our lives together

leaving behind what’s not resolve

in trying now to make things better.


Can I hold on to dreams of you?

The way it was when we first met

and in that moment I always knew

that life with you would not forget.


But we both know we cannot save

what used to be  and now is gone

and what is left becomes engraved

in our hearts as we move on.

So let us go and say goodbye

your freedom now I give hereby.





Please let me go when there is nothing more

but not right now and not before,

just let me go when I become distant and cold

and all my dreams are place on hold

or when my heart just turn to stone,

then turn around and leave me there to rot alone

to slowly drown in my own pain

when I treat love with such disdain.

Just let me go and don’t look back

and forget the words that now may lack

the tender love and heated passion.

Please let me go with much compassion

when all is done and nothing more,

but not right now and not before.





“And what is love?” I ask you now that you are not here

I say the words without defining, I drop them there

for you to grab and build your dreams on this affair

we coat with lust and then call love, “I want you near”

I said just once and with a number marked our distance

and chased away illicit dreams and things we fear

as now we know that what I show is my resistance.


“So what is love?” I ask again when I can’t touch you

and I can’t have the things you offer but give to him

since not being there I cannot ask, can only dream

to hold you tight and kiss your lips, “you always knew”

I said again and with my words I hurt you more

not knowing why I let you in, I have no clue,

“So this is love?”  but I’ll be here same as before.