Innocence reflected

unexplored dreams wrapped youth

with a flourishing smile lacking pain,

not being affected

by living a life in vain

blind to my realities or truth.


And the sweetness I tasted

in those innocent lips

was heavenly felt

to my life so wasted,

when my heart you held

with your fingertips.


What I took you willingly gave

and I took no more

leaving you behind like a passing cloud

for someone else to save

when I went away with no love allowed

as I loved before.






I will walk away, I will break your heart

I will find someone to replace your time

to replace your voice and fulfill my wishes,

I will leave you there just to break apart

while I walk away with a shameful crime

taking all your love and your wasted kisses.


I will cease to exist in your loving mind

when the time will come and I walk away,

as we knew I would before we began

and to walk away when I look and find,

I will break your heart in another day

even when today is not what I plan.

H.O. 11/24/13




There is this need growing within

a need for love and a need for care,

to lose myself in someone’s skin

to taste what love would kindly spare

if I could find someone, somewhere.


There is this need that won’t subside

a need to kiss and a need to share

my heart with love beating inside,

someone to sooth all my despair

if I could find someone, somewhere.





Your warm softly calls  to me

promises floating in the words left

from desires written with haste

and the lack of touch or taste

of the distant shape I see

leaving me in such unrest.


Asking myself how would be

to let my fingers explore

every part of what’s not mine

but what you let me define

in the dreams that set you free

from the life you lived before.

And the distance will not mind

when almost touching your skin

in my infinite imagination

I shudder with anticipation

as your warm calls me to find

the passion hidden within.


…about love

Water Red Heart

Love becomes a flash of light

something missed if I blink twice,

a birthday wish we quietly speak

when every year is what we seek,

a blinding quest

a life request-

Love becomes something more

it lets you fly, it lets you soar

but it won’t last

it leaves you fast

and leaves you alone,

and when it’s done

love becomes but what it seems

an empty bed just full of dreams.





I wonder if fire kissed skin would survive

the imprint of lips left by you

and the heat would be able to revive

a taste left in my mouth

from the hidden places I knew

and I couldn’t be without.


I wonder if ashes left from fire

still carry memories in the burnt cells

and those memories to inspire

life to take hold

and resuscitate the love it held

saving it from the eternal cold.


I wonder then if you took me

hidden in your cells when you died

and the memories I see

resuscitated by kisses on your skin

and the taste of me that survived

the burning fire of our sin.





Fading memories are replaced like leaves falling in fall

blown away by winds of change leaving none to recall

while I question if my kisses continue to trace your skin

when attempting to remember places my lips have been.

And I wonder if ever find someone like me to replace

the touch of my busy fingers that in memories I trace

as I found within your skin all the flavors of desire

only memories remain of the hottest burning fire

and the ashes that were left cannot be relighted at all,

fading memories are replace like leaves falling in fall.