Eres (Mi Lengua)

This poem is written in Spanish with a close translation. Close enough but not perfect since feelings cannot be translated when they stick to words written in my original language. It is a feel good poem about what love should be or feel like. Possibilities of ever finding such love diminishing with time, but still always possibilities, and I always liked that word very much in either language. Spanish was my first language and continues to be the language of love as well as the language of anger. Those who speak Spanish understand what I mean.


Eres (Mi Lengua)

Tú eres la fuente de deseos escondidos en la piel,

de mis sueños engendrados en noches solitarias

dando cabida en lleno a posibilidades precarias

que se funden en mi mente y me llenan de placer.


You are source of hidden desires within my skin,
of my dreams begotten in lonely nights
giving room to precarious possibilities
fused in my mind filling me with pleasure


Eres el principio de un poema aun no creado,

nubes evaporándose en la mente de un poeta

esculpiendo palabras en una historia incompleta

mientras rastros de un amor quedan olvidados.


You are the beginning of a poem not yet created,
evaporating clouds in the mind of a poet
sculpting words for an uncompleted story
while traces of love still remain forgotten.


Eres la inmensidad del mar acariciándome suave

y el susurro de las olas adormeciéndome el alma-

Eres niña lo que sueño y lo que me quita la calma,

eres viento y eres cielo, eres las alas de un ave-


You are the immensity of the sea caressing me softly
and the whisper of the waves calming my soul-
You are girl what I dream and what takes my calm away,
you are wind and the sky, you are the wings of a bird-






Fragments of your presence linger in my mind,

small pieces of what it used to be the whole of you

saturated by my own desires for the things I knew

I could never hold but in desperation tried to find.


After so many years the fragments slowly fade away

with some becoming incrusted deep within my soul,

I can’t recall the reasons for why my heart you stole

but I remember a faded love that refused to stay.


Those fragments are few but the memories they hold

I cannot give away, as they feed my purpose to define

a life with someone where my love becomes entwine

and all becomes one, to be able to love and behold

with fragments of your presence lingering in my mind,





Deep kisses sealing the passion found in a moment

between rare instances of possessing you,

while your soul roams freely seeking my intent

of forbidden love, the way I only knew

how to love you inside, I bring you to the enjoyment

of an illicit dream full of acts we won’t repent

while you feel his hardness reach deep within,

and with your eyes closed, I become your sin.






Sometimes I desperately seek the love and care

found many times and then lost somewhere,

a touch of a woman in a lonely night

and a sweet embrace to make it alright.

Sometimes I just seek an inviting smile

and a warm body to stay for a while

while I gather myself in my lonely way,

someone I can love and the love to stay.





With words I caress your skin

touching parts I’ve only seen

in my infinite  imagination.

With words I give a sensation

of being lost in my arms forever

without one care whatsoever

taking away all your  sadness.

Words will alleviate the madness

found at night when alone

and your  heart turned to stone

as I sing softly in your ear

words that you cannot hear.

With words I’ll love you all night

taking you to a new height,

creating with words the fires

that will emancipate desires.

With words I will finally start

finding my way to your heart.





Glimpses of me shown in cadence

with words escaping my lips,

soothing vessels of reconciliation

searching to unravel the fragrance

of intimacy found in the scripts

we slowly compose with flirtation.


Easily displaying what you seek

within the words and motions,

undefined love sipping through

with shifting flavors, unique

to freshly exposed emotions

heavy with glimpses of you.