I wish to find someone like you,

another one with the same smile

that only exists among a few,

another lips with the same taste

to kiss again with sudden haste

when I don’t kiss them for a while.


I wish you find someone like me,

another one that holds you tight

and stands aside to let you be,

another one that touch the same

with just a look to drive you insane

and love caressing you all night.


I wish us both to find each other

and our fantasies come true

instead of looking for another

that may not be what we desire-

I wish our love would not require

to look again for someone new.

 H.O. 9/30/13




Moans of pleasure escape lips of desire

while her hips keep pace with the thrust

of my demanding body, feeding the fire

that burns inside with hidden lust.


Pleasure takes hold of my mind

and I shudder with anticipation

for the moment we set out to find

while we savor every sensation.

I softly hold her steady,

timing every push without rest,

waiting for both to be ready,

kissing her mouth, tasting her breasts.

As her breathing increases and she calls my name

we frantically take off pushing harder and steady,

bodies becoming one in our burning flame,

desires loose in heavenly dizziness as we ready

and let out the gushing passion that was inside-

 Eyes close, softly kissing, we let the flame subside.

HO July 2012


 A delicate scent remains after you are gone,

a lingering aroma of sweat saturated skin permeates my mind

making me dizzy with thoughts of you and turning desires on,

as I grab my pillow and deeply inhale the sweet aroma I find

lingering on my bed, leftovers of what was done.

 H.O. 9/23/13

Double Pleasure

She lies in between two lovers –

Four caressing hands

with heat rising to her wants,

a fusion of kisses under the covers-

What a delightful sin to commit,

a daring act of pleasure as she submit

to every exquisite desire,

fulfilling her fantasy to acquire

two lovers to quench her fire.

 H.O. 11/6/12


Looking from afar incognizant of your ways,

fantasies recalled of kissing such plump lips.

Looking from afar the rocking of your hips

turning only a moment into tortured days,

lost in those eyes that captivate my soul,

missing the sleep you unknowingly stole.


Looking from afar the waving of your hair,

the reflected rays of the morning light

and a single smile makes it all just right.

Looking from afar as the world just stare,

without knowing how as you walk away

you become my sun on a cloudy day.

H.O. 1/9/13

A Name

A thunder across space and time-

hints of unconnected recollections

of passing images and reflections

awaking the dormant emotions

as the sounds carrying the notions

of your heart being close to mine.


A softness caressing my lips,

warm breath carrying the sound

of the letters that were found

floating deep within my soul,

and recalling them as whole

forms the memory that slips

of the love one day you stole.

H.O. April 3, 2013


There is something about skin to skin

that befuddle my mind and dull my senses,

the unrestraint touch of feverish flesh

entice acts that will make my head spin

desperately seeking my desires enmesh

between the sheets as we drop pretenses.


There is something about heated sex

with a loss of control in the midst of an act

and bodies take over in unrestrained passion,

without any worries about what comes next

after we are done and lay there in exhaustion

holding tight in place with the heat intact.

There is something about being inside

with hands to hands and hips to hips

and every part of us gets connected,

heartbeat to heartbeat closely tied

while the act itself becomes perfected,

when we passionately join lips to lips

and that something cannot be denied.


H.O. September 22, 2013