Love and Desire

I’ll meet you between love and desire-

In between desperate kisses and forbidden acts

of fulfilling every wish, as I take us higher

into a heavenly spiral of emotions.

I’ll meet you in the small of your back

where lips find a reason for devotion,

or in between your thighs

where my hands cause an explosion

of uncontrollable spasms on your skin

and provokes a reaction in your eyes.

I’ll meet you in between the sin

we committed time after time,

In between the softness of your breasts

that my tongue reclaimed as mine

as I did with all the rest.

And when all is finished and all acquired

I’ll meet you between love and desire.


H.O. Oct 16, 2012



With a stroke of my pen I create thee

casting your image as I alone can see,

ink outlining the softness of your face,

a perfection I am eager to embrace.

Letters carved out of flawless dreams

describing in rich detail what seems

a salvation to endure my daily strife.

With a stroke of my pen I give you life-

H.O. April 9, 2013

A Memory

A memory refreshed by every wave

with skin being kissed by every drop.

Salty taste reminiscent of soft lips

and hard kisses, to satisfy the crave

we ferociously ignited and couldn’t stop.

A memory of holding wide loving hips

weightless in soul refreshing saltwater.

Sun burned unrestrained desire

became one against the grainy sand.

A memory of a surprising fire

taking hold and burning hotter

when having you I never planned.

An image of you deeply engraved

in memories refreshed by every wave.


H.O. April 19, 2013


The roughness of the act and the softness of your skin-

With my body pressed hard against yours looking to sin

in ways that only in my mind I would consider such act.

The firmness of your breasts would cause me to react

with exploding hardness, and in blind desire to seek

in between your legs the hidden pleasure so unique

to a moment secretly hidden from judging eyes-

Impossible to pull away from the trap of your thighs

I’m lost, in an instant of weakened resolve I give in

to the roughness of the act and the softness of your skin.


H.O. May 13, 2013


Ruby red, a color that grabbed me,

your lips burning a path in my desires

entertaining ideas of waking up fires

with delirious kisses that cannot be,

a lost moment I will come to regret

when your red lips I will not forget.


Light brown, a captivating look

keeps me hopeless confined to you,

drawing all emotions without a clue

as I find myself eternally hooked

to the fluctuations on your face

and gestures flowing with grace.


Unequivocal rhythm of emotions

In my heart I will always find,

a defiance to abandoning notions

entertained deep in my mind.


H.O. June 25, 2013