The Whole You


Secrets hide in your skin

of forbidden pleasures

and forgotten sins,

as it holds the treasures

that will often inspire

and will drive me insane.

To taste your fire

would remove my pain.

And to follow I will

the shape of your breasts

with passion instilled.

I will be a guest

in between your thighs

as I hold your hips,

getting lost in your eyes

while kissing your lips.


Inspiration in your thoughts

form the shapes of phrases

creating unbinding knots.

It transport me to places

that exist in  your mind.

When I explore your reality

what I am able to find

is my key to immortality.


Your essence is divine

giving hints of the unknown

as it clearly defines

the purity of your soul.

Reincarnation is in sight

as the universe knows,

when you become the light

darkness will not show.


You are everything there is,

a combination of all things

carrying me into bliss

 with newly discovered wings,

as my rest you nearly stole

with your body, mind, and soul.


HO July 2012


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