I long for the touch that ignites the fire

awakening within an intent to acquire

promises written all across your skin-

I long for the taste of committed sin,

for my lips to find secrets on your flesh

and a taste of you in my mind enmeshed

as I seek the source of your burning fire-

I long to become your deepest desire

as I plunge myself deep within you,

and with every push everything I knew

it will come to rest as we laid depleted

and my search across it is now completed-

And when all is done and desire subdued

I’ll long for a touch and a taste of you.

H.O. May 28, 2013


Another kiss


A kiss as such will not forget

and lips like yours forever be

the ones to bring my own demise-

A softness causing such surprise

when gently tasting I could see

a kiss like that I would regret

if never tasted such a prize,

a kiss like yours will not forget

and just one more will not suffice.

H.O. June 5, 2013

The Whole You


Secrets hide in your skin

of forbidden pleasures

and forgotten sins,

as it holds the treasures

that will often inspire

and will drive me insane.

To taste your fire

would remove my pain.

And to follow I will

the shape of your breasts

with passion instilled.

I will be a guest

in between your thighs

as I hold your hips,

getting lost in your eyes

while kissing your lips.


Inspiration in your thoughts

form the shapes of phrases

creating unbinding knots.

It transport me to places

that exist in  your mind.

When I explore your reality

what I am able to find

is my key to immortality.


Your essence is divine

giving hints of the unknown

as it clearly defines

the purity of your soul.

Reincarnation is in sight

as the universe knows,

when you become the light

darkness will not show.


You are everything there is,

a combination of all things

carrying me into bliss

 with newly discovered wings,

as my rest you nearly stole

with your body, mind, and soul.


HO July 2012

Pleasure Touch

Busy fingers touching, taunting,

following the road of your skin-

Seeking places they have been

and others that not, but wanting

more and more of the treasure

promised with your flaunting

of your body with such pleasure.


Busy fingers searching, seeking

hidden places they must find,

quickly before losing my mind-

In darkness without speaking

lifting your skirt with haste,

only obsessed for a taste

as I am no longer thinking,

getting your body aligned

for my lips to follow behind.

H.O. 11/19/12


I love the subtle touch after sex has taken part

and bodies rest with soft shocks of electricity

running through my body, with our complicity

mutually exposed and lips not too far apart.


Sweat dripping from your neck gives indication

of the moment left behind with passion found

by the edge of our ecstasy completely unbound

in the confines of your body and my temptation.


And to kiss your breasts in sudden delight

as a parting gift with the lingering scent

of our illicit encounter together we ascent

to a heavenly place without losing sight-

 As we dream along and we live the moment

and we softly pause to touch one another.

HO July 2012


A precarious stimulation of my senses requires utmost intervention

Soft hands with a predefined purpose to pleasure may infuse a continuous flow of electricity through specific parts of my body, while my mind would secretly guide such needed touch to the areas lacking the most.  Sweetly gifted lips may follow a clearly marked path along the scented skin separating this world from the thirsty nerve endings hiding underneath. I would bite my lips with every indication that you may have found a weakened spot, while slowly delaying your progress along the path, as to perpetuate the ecstasy emanating from every kiss. The passion reflected in your eyes will accompany the orchestra in completing such masterpiece, as the last touch carries my senses to an exploding conclusion of pleasure and abandonment.

A man can dream perfection too…

Perfect Pleasure

Half asleep, half-naked, full desire.

The folds of your skin hide the fire

I seek in my dreams.

Wrapped in lace it seems

my hands are restless, seeking

forbidden acts, pleading

to release the beauty

and complete my duty

of becoming your guide

to the pleasure inside.

Slowly unwrapping my present,

deeply exploring as I descent

between the folds of your thighs

guided by the scent that excites.

As I caress with my tongue

the tip of your erotic zone

your body shivers with pleasure.

Oh, what a delight of no measure

as I trace your fountain of youth

and my lips taste from the juice

that reminds me of the fire.

Half asleep, half-naked, full desire.

HO July 2012